Weekly Roundup for 1.16.2021

Our favorite news from around the web for 1.16.2021

Our weekly collection of the best watch content you missed this week, to enjoy with your Saturday morning coffee and donut

Making: COSC

The Naked Watchmaker (with the assistance and approval of COSC).

An incredibly detailed look at the organization, means, and methods of the COSC, and how it is certifying accuracy and precision of Swiss watches.

Hands-On: Omega Speedmaster Master Chronometer Video Review

Robert-Jan Broer/ Fratello

RJ tells us all about Omega’s long-awaited update to the Speedmaster Pro, including what’s new, what’s the same, and whether you may (or may not) want to upgrade. Click for the RJ’s sultry descriptions, if nothing else.

The Sports Section: What’s The Best Watch To Wear While Running?

Nick Marino / Hodinkee

Hodinkee surveys seven Tracksmith (a particularly Hodinkee appropriate running apparel company) staffers on what kind of watch they wear while running. Spoiler alert: Brian Hayes (Operations) makes terrible decisions, and Lee Glandorf (Marketing & Communications) has the right of it.

The Story of Early Roger Dubuis

A Collected Man (Preface by Wei Koh)  / Revolution

Just the kind of deep dive stuff we love on a Saturday morning. A Collected Man tells the fascinating and amazing story of roger Dubuis, watchmaker turned namesake of one of the most prized brands in modern luxury horology .  

Watchmaking Is Overwhelmingly White. A New Scholarship Aims to Change That.

Paige Reddinger / Robb Report

A look at Horological Society of New York’s efforts to support diversity in the watchmaking industry.

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