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Will has been a photographer for nearly 15 years. Coming from the world of landscapes and architecture, watches were something he never thought he would photograph. In 2018 he founded The Watch Clicker to bring his love for watches and photography together. Photographing watches quickly turned into also writing about watches and the reviews you see today are the product of that evolution. Dive watches and chronographs dominate his collection as he is a die hard tool watch fan. Will believes that you should wear a watch how you want to. Leather on a dive watch? No problem.

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Partner & Co-Host

Everett is a PNW native, and dyed in the wool hobbyist at-large. Always fascinated with a challenge, over the years Everett has taken on juggling, sewing, bowling, marathon running, fly-fishing (and tying), photography, advanced cribbage strategy, and the Rubik’s cube. Everett got into watches in 2015 after spying a colleague’s Tag Heuer 2000 at happy hour. It quickly became apparent to him that the media-space for affordable watches was seriously limited. Sitting on his couch one evening, scouring threads to find a dress watch, Everett messaged his best-friend, and budding watch enthusiast, Andrew, and said, “I want to start a watch podcast.” Andrew, an action-man and serial hobbyist himself, was in. the rest, as they say, is history.

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Partner & Co-Host

Andrew’s journey into watches began during a transition out of the military where a G Shock or Ironman would no longer do. His motto “if you can get the little things right the big things are easy” led him down the rabbit hole of watch etiquette and deeper into obsession. Over drinks Andrew’s good friend, Everett, pitched the idea of a watch podcast and, being a serial hobbyist himself, they knew it could be done. Andrew is PNW born and raised. He is a serial hobbyist, from brewing beer to hobby furniture making he has tried and marginally succeeded.

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Partner & Creative Director

Frank is one of our resident underwater photographers. He spends his days fighting gravity and architects as a structural engineer. He lives in Colorado and spends his free time climbing, diving, and partaking in general mountaineering activities. He can be found on Instagram @frendymgee for more watch photography.

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Staff Writers


Will B

Staff Writer

Will is a water baby at heart, growing up on the coast in various places around the world. After university he decided to focus on a life underwater and qualified as a scuba diving instructor, currently based on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. His interest in watches came courtesy of a 21st birthday present. While not a dive watch, it sparked a love of dive and tool watches of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Watches and the underwater world fuelled his passion for photography. On his journey to live up to the self-styled moniker of @le_scuba_dude, he can be found underwater, camera in hand and a chunky dive watch on his wrist.

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Furry Wrist Abroad

Staff Writer

Writing under the pen name of Furry Wrist Abroad, this Canadian writer has been with us at the Watch Clicker since our earliest days.

As a working scuba diver, he brings his unique perspective on how watches perform as tools when called upon as tools. He also covers a wide range of topics within the world of horology, often giving us first looks at new models and writing from a plane of greater altitude on topics than most.

On his own website, his works of fiction, poetry, articles, reviews and coverage on various fields such as economics, psychology and others can be found on


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Staff Writer

Andreas Demosthenous is a British born Greek Cypriot, living in the UK. He is the proud owner of just one watch; his beloved Lorier Neptune. Andreas enjoys the outdoors, food (cooking and eating it), a good long watch podcast and a great long film.

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