First Look: Orion Tesseract 

A foray into American-made horology from Orion Watches

If you ever have a chance to talk with the owner of Orion Watches, Nick Harris, you’ll know he is a stickler for creativity and innovation in the watches he produces. As a classically trained watchmaker, he has a keen eye for what makes a technically proficient watches, but also what makes a beautiful watch. His latest project, the Tesseract, is aiming to be a prime example of both.  


The Tesseract is Orion’s attempt to breathe new life into American-made horology. There is a long road ahead for any watch manufacturer who wants to completely build a watch in America, but there are inroads being forged for that to happen. The Tesseract is one of those with a Made in the USA isometric patterned dial. This new dial is extremely thin, under 0.50mm thick, which partly plays into the crispness that is achieved with this patterning.  


Sitting atop the dial is a new nameplate. Orion described this nameplate as another technical challenge as they are 0.20mm thick. Orion’s proprietary typeface was used on the nameplate, which requires its own set of machining challenges. This combined with the dial engineering allows the Tesseract to be described as nothing short than a marvel of watchmaking engineering.  


The Tesseract will be using the same case and bracelet design as the Hellcat (review here), which keeps the case extremely thin at only 10.4mm. The Hellcat case is also one of the most comfortable we have reviewed here at The Watch Clicker.  


Given the extreme tolerances and engineering requirements of the Tesseract, it will be extremely limited. 3 colorways (golden brown grey, dark cerulean blue, and bold royal purple) will be produced and 19 of each will be available. The Tesseract will be available for ordering immediately at prices ranging between $3,850 to $,4150.  

Check out the Tesseract at Orion Watches 

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