About Us

Founded in 2018, watchclicker.com aims to give readers access to honest and thorough reviews of wrist watches of every price point. There is also a strong focus on photography and videography in these reviews. This allows the reader to see a watch for what it truly looks like and get as close to wearing it themselves as possible.

In mid-2020, watchclicker.com joined forces with the 40&20 Podcast. 40&20 is a weekly podcast hosted by our new partners Andrew and Everett. The show is aimed at watch enthusiasts and focuses on affordable watches and the brands that make them, the people and personalities in the community, as well as other topics including food, drinks, life, and other things we like.

Along with watch reviews and weekly podcasts, other articles are also posted on watchclicker.com that cover new releases, op-ed, watch lifestyle and other topics related to watches.

Above all, we value the integrity of our editorial content at watchclicker.com. We vow to stridently separate editorial content from any form of advertising, including affiliate marketing. We promise to clearly and conspicuously identify any advertising appearing on our site.

Meet the Team

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