Weekly Roundup for 7.10.2021

Our favorite news from around the web for 7.10.2021

Our weekly (cough, cough) collection of the best watch content you missed this week, to enjoy with your Saturday morning coffee and donut.

Are watches Too Expensive?

Mr. Talking Hands / REVOLUTION

Turns out, they’re probably not. Although “Mr. Talking Hands” is really only focused on legacy “Swiss” brands here, we always like to see someone who sees the obvious (i.e., there are actually a lot of great watches and watch brands).

A Complete Newbie Buys Her First Adult Watch

Sarah Miller / Hodinkee

If you’ve been following, you will not be at all surprised that the third installment of Sarah Miller’s “newbie” column on the ‘dink, is refreshing and delightful and incredibly relatable (my favorite so far). This for instance is just… yes:

“I loved my watch and wore it everywhere. I showed it off, look at my new watch, I have a watch. No one seemed terribly interested. But, like a four-year-old with an imaginary friend, I found my watch to be more precious through its invisibility to everyone else.

(Part 1 is here; and part 2 here – both are totally worth your time)

A Brief History Of Time: Breitling’s Complete Brand History — Part One: 1860–1959

Brandon Baines  / Fratello

I love this stuff, and that is all.

Focus on Technology: Pad Printing – Reprise

Jushua Munchow / Quill & Pad

If you know you know but if you don’t know this is the best explanation of the ubiquitous dial printing technique (that Andrew and I got to see at the Vero Watch factory in 2019).

The Rise of Vintage Watch Advertisements

A Collected Man (with the assist from Nick Federowicz) / A Collected Man

Manly men, sharks, pilots, and James Bond.

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