Weekly roundup for 1.2.2021

Weekly Roundup for 1.2.2021

Our favorite news from around the web for 1.2.2021

Our weekly collection of the best watch content you missed this week, to enjoy with your Saturday morning coffee and donut

Wind & Water By Rick Hale: Wood, Wheels, And Wonderful Horology

Joshua Munchow / Quill & Pad

IMG 5850
Image courtesy of quill & pad

An amazing and well photographed look at Rick Hale, artist and clockwright, who makes gorgeous and functional clocks almost entirely from wood, and his latest piece, “Wind & Water.”

Swatch x Scottish Watches – The Limited Edition

Rikki / Scottish Watches

The final, and perhaps the most fun limited-addition/collaboration watch of 2020, Scottish Watches teams up with Swatch (the delightful affordable brand) and Canadian #watchfam illustrator extraordinaire, Diana Evans, for a set of original, truly special, watches for your collection.

The Curious Collector: Why Do We Turn Meteorites into Watch Dials?

Chris Wright / Worn & Wound

A quick look at the enigmatic dial material, including what it is actually made of and how its produced (and perhaps even a bit of an appreciation shift).

2020 Couldn’t Stop Watch Enthusiasts

Ariel Adams  / A Blog to Watch

Ariel discusses 2020, a year in which “already tumultuous industry was shaken around like a martini held by a marathoner.” With the global COVID-19 pandemic limiting much of the infrastructure and community that has allowed the watch thrive, companies are increasingly finding themselves surviving so on the backs of… us (the enthusiasts). Turns out, that may not be a terrible thing.

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