Introducing the Foster Watch Co. 11 Atmos

Our venerable podcast host, Everett, launches his own watch brand

Even in the world of watches, it’s rare that a partner of a media outlet starts their own watch brand. Our very own podcast host, Everett, has launched Foster Watch Co. Along with his business partner, Christian, they are bringing their inaugural release to the masses. The 11 Atmos Skin Diver will be immediately available on November 25th. 

Due to the obvious conflict of interest, we won’t be doing a review of this watch. Instead, I will go over the specs of the watch, what makes it fun, and just a few thoughts on it as I was able to handle the collection. 


11 Atmos

If you’ve been a fan of the 40&20 Podcast, you’ll know our thoughts on water resistance ratings. Anything about 100m is more than adequate for 99% of the watch-wearing population. The 11 Atmos can easily go 110 meters deep (likely a lot more). 


The 11 Atmos comes in at 39mm wide, 48mm lug-to-lug, and 12.1mm thick. Despite a flat-looking case when viewed from the top, the case has a curve to it, along with a recessed caseback that brings the wrist-to-crystal to 10mm. Foster is marketing the 11 Atmos as a skin diver, and with those specs, it fits perfectly. 


What is sure to make most people happy (and maybe annoy a couple) is the acrylic crystal. If you haven’t gathered already, the 11 Atmos is harkening back to a time when squared-off lugs were the bee’s knees, and sapphire crystals weren’t a thing. Even the bracelet has a vintage look, but as with the rest of the watch, it is solid and made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques (including a quick-release mechanism). 


The 11 Atmos will come in 3 dial colors: orange, black, and, my favorite, green. All three dials will feature the same minimal layout and polished handset. The bezel is one-piece and is coated in black DLC. A 48-click bi-directional mechanism will give satisfying clicks. Powering the 11 Atmos is the Miyota 90S5 movement, featuring a 42-hour power reserve and the 4Hz beat rate we all love. 


How to get one

The 11 Atmos will be available for immediate purchase and shipping (no pre-orders here) on November 25th. A total of 300 watches will be available. 200 black dials, 50 green, and 50 orange. The 11 Atmos will retail for $500 and will come on the bracelet with an extra FKM tropic strap.

Full info is available on the Foster Watch Co. website here

To listen to the 40&20 Podcast interview with Everett and Christain, click here

Images of the Foster Watch Co. 11 Atmos

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