Coming Soon: 10 Days on the Wrist

A lot of watch blogs and media outlets will often have some form of a “I wore a watch for a period of time and this is what I thought” type articles.  The rule of thumb for this type of article is usually a week on that person’s wrist.  This gives the reviewer a chance to live day-to-day with that watch.  Their experiences over the course of a week summed up in an article that conveys the feeling of ownership of that watch to the reader.  I am going to start something similar here.  However, I don’t think a week is quite long enough.  With that said, I don’t plan on punishing myself by wearing the same watch for a month straight either.  I have too many watches in my collection to even think about getting through a month with only one watch.  I tossed around the idea of a week, 2 weeks, but eventually settled on 10 days.

10 days wearing a single watch will give me the experience of what it is like to wear it for a full work week, a full weekend and then a couple more days on top.  These extra few days will give both me and you a slightly longer term relationship with the watch.  I plan on starting each segment on a Monday and ending it as I take off the watch the following Wednesday evening.  I’m excited to see what questions I will answer about each watch as I wear them for this amount of time.  One of the most interesting questions that will be answered will be “Am I dying to take it off or leave it on at the end?”

There will be Rules

As with any “challenge” in the watch community, some rules need to be laid out:

  1. I cannot wear any other watch for any period of time during this segment, including new watches.  They will have to wait
  2. It is acceptable to not the wear if need be.  For example, if I am doing something where the watch could become damaged
  3. Strap changes are allowed!  I believe this is an integral part of owning a watch.  However, the “stock” strap/bracelet must be worn for at least the first 3 days

I will be starting my first segment this coming Monday, hopefully with the Seiko SKX007, assuming it gets to me on time this weekend.  I hope you all enjoy the new segment and I look forward to your feedback.

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