Watch Clicker and 40&20 Podcast Merge

The Watch Clicker and the 40&20 Podcast are merging

Today, we are proud to announce the formal merger of The Watch Clicker  website,, and the podcast 40&20. We are excited for this new opportunity to connect with you, and the content you are used to on both platforms is not going anywhere. You will still get reviews and other posts from The Watch Clicker and a weekly podcast from 40&20.

While you are most likely familiar with The Watch Clicker and the content we produce, you may not be as familiar with 40&20. 40&20 is a weekly podcast hosted by our new partners Andrew and Everett. The show is aimed at watch enthusiasts and focuses on affordable watches and the brands that make them, the people and personalities in the community, as well as other topics including food, drinks, life, and other things we like.

Together, our plan is to bring more crossover content to each platform. You can expect to see more reviews and articles from Andrew & Everett from 40&20, and Will from Watch Clicker appearing on the podcast. This will enhance both platforms and bring new views, opinions, and other great stuff to our readers and listeners.

As you may have noticed, a new logo is now at the top of this page and across the website. 40&20 also has a new logo, and we have designed our logos to present a consistent brand. When it comes to watches, we want you to think of us when you see blue and orange. The only other branding change you will see is that the 40&20 Podcast will now be “40&20: The Watch Clicker Podcast.”

We have also brought on board a new senior writer, Mike Razak. Mike has been writing for The Watch Clicker for the last year, and has been reviewing watches for other outlets for much longer. Please join us in welcoming Mike and we all look forward to seeing his content.

We encourage you to visit our new Masthead and Author pages to learn more about the team, what we will bringing you, and where we are going. We thank you for your continued support and are excited to begin the next chapter of The Watch Clicker with you.

Be sure to listen to this week’s 40&20 episode to hear from Will, Everett and Andrew about the merge and what we have in store.

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