Gift Guide 3

Holiday Gift Guide for Watch Lovers 2021 Edition

Holiday gift ideas for watch lovers for almost any budget

It’s that time of year again! Besides your love and devotion, what can you possibly buy for the watch aficionado in your life, who seemingly has everything, including impeccable taste? Never fear, the Watch Clicker staff has got you!

Everett Meadows (Co-Host of 40&20): Astor and Banks x Oxford Pennant “WATCHES” Banner


Being a watch collector requires a certain amount of hubris, and a certain amount of humility. I have one of these “WATCHES” banners hanging in my office, and it’s so preposterous that its delightful. What better way to tell everyone that (a) yes, it is important, and (b) yes, it’s totally ridiculous. For me, it only works because the banner is made absurdly well, in the USA, out of incredibly high-quality felted wool. So dumb, that its perfect.

$49 – Astor and Banks

Mike Razak (Senior Writer): Vario Watch Strap Roll


Another watch roll? That’s right. I may not be original, but this brand-new product from Vario is. As an unrepentant strap freak, I’ve got straps bursting from their proper storage spot (the bottom drawers of my watch boxes), begging for a more purposeful, dignified off-watch existence. And, thanks to Vario,, I’ve finally got an option that will give them a bit of breathing room. While I can’t rightly imagine needing to travel with 30 straps, the storage solution is practical and looks great. 

$32 –VARIO 

Andrew (Co-Host of 40&20): Rustic Town – Leather Tool Roll


I’m a sucker for good storage solutions, and I have bought my fair share or storage items without any plans for what shall go inside. If the watch person in your life is (or, if you are) anything like me, then your watch tools are in a pile, stack, mess, or strewn about and lost. My recommendation is a simple and attractive watch tool storage solution. Where all the tools have a home. Bonus: the sexy leather should go will with any of your other sexy watch storage items.

$30 – Amazon

Evan Kaspar (Staff Writer): FKM Strap


Anyone who owns a dive watch should also own an FKM rubber tropic strap. These flexible, but substantial and dense straps have completely changed how I view rubber straps. It’s a perfect combination of the ruggedness of natural rubber and the comfort of silicone, without attracting so much as a particle of dust or lint. You can find FKM in several different forms, but for me the design of the classic tropic strap is near perfect.  Exuding true mid-century watch design, and practical to boot. Every dive watch I’ve put this on looks incredible (and most sport and dress watches). The best part is that you can buy these directly from the OEM (Juelong) via AliExpress. If you prefer not to mess with that (we understand), I recommend buying from Dryden Watch Co., which is a great Midwestern watch brand, who sells their own version of the Juelong FKM Tropic.

$8(ish) – Juelong (AliExpress)

$25 – Dryden Watch Co.

Will “It’s-My-Website-and-I-will-Pick-Two-If-I-Want” Gilles (Editor in Chief): Victorinox x HODINKEE Classic Swiss Army Knife with Spring Bar Tool


I like nice things, and I like them to make sense. This SAK with a spring bar tool is both of those things (and honestly, who uses the stupid nail file, anyway?)

$22 – HODINKEE  

Moody Tools Screwdriver Set


If you have been into watches for even a brief period, you know you need a good precision slotted screwdriver set. The metal on that cheapie 10-in-1 is too soft, and is just as likely to damage your watch as to actually remove any screws. On the other hand, this set from Worn and Wound is American made from quality oxide coated steel, has a hexagonal swivel top (which is basically mandatory), and comes with a (limited) lifetime-warranty. 

$35 – Worn and Wound

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