Podcast – Holiday Special

In this 112 Episode of 40 and 20, the Watch Clicker Podcast, we get the whole crew together to do a year in review. We talk about our favorites of the year and the watches we lament missing out on.    We also briefly touch on the sentiment running rampant through the watch world media that more is not better. We think more is more and probably better.  

A special thank to our friend, Nate Asman, for helping us add some holiday spirit to our jingle!    


Favorite: Seiko WIllard: https://watchclicker.com/seiko-sbdc109-spb151-willard/  

Missed out on: Farer PIlot https://usd.farer.com/collections/pilot-watch  


Favorite: Lorier Falcon II: https://www.lorierwatches.com/products/falcon-sii-navy-silverhttps://watchclicker.com/lorier-falcon-series-ii/  

Missed out on: Astor and Banks Fortitude: https://astorandbanks.com/products/fortitude/https://watchclicker.com/astor-banks-fortitude-review/  


Favorite: Brew Retromatic: https://www.brew-watches.com/watches/retromatic-brew-blackhttps://watchclicker.com/brew-retromatic/  

Missed out on: Traska Summiteer: https://www.traskawatch.com/summiteerhttps://watchclicker.com/traska-summiteer/  


Favorite: Biatec Leviathan: https://www.biatecwatches.com/product-collection/leviathan-en/  

Christopher Ward:  Supercompressor: https://www.christopherward.com/home    

Other things:  

Will: Tenfold More Wicked (podcast)  

Everett: Love and Monsters (movie)  

Andrew: Warning: Outlander might lose you for a while (though I’m told It’ll come back around).   

Mike: Lace Lab Shoe Laces     Check out all of Watch Clicker’s content, including columns, reviews, and fantastic photography at: watchclicker.com

Our full catalog of podcasts is at watchclicker.com/4020-the-watch-clicker-podcast/

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40and20: www.instagram.com/40and20/?hl=en
WatchClicker: www.instagram.com/watchclicker/?hl=en

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Intro/Outro Music:
Bummin on Tremelo, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetch.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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