Weekly Roundup for 12.19.2020

Our weekly collection of the best watch content you missed this week, to enjoy with your Saturday morning coffee and donut

Vintage Vacheron Chronographs: Only the Best

Tony T. / Rescapement

Tony looks at some incredible (and incredibly valuable) not-a-Daytona watches auctioned this last week.

The 3 Most Attractive & Elusive Seiko 5 Watches – (Best Budget Seiko 5 Watches)

Ben’s Watch Club / YouTube

Ben’s closer look at three incredibly affordable and classic Seiko 5 watches. Way better info than the typical – “cheap and Seiko and automatic” – treatment.

Ever considered buying a watch on eBay? Here’s why it’s now 100% risk-free

Nick Kenyon / Time and Tide

Although this appears to be a sponsored post, we think eBay’s newest (complimentary) buyer protection features (including escrow) should give you some added comfort on your next eBay – is-it-real – purchase.

Value Proposition: Bangalore Watch Company Cover Drive Review

Erik Slaven / Monochrome

A closer look at an affordable – and truly unique – watch from the up and coming husband and wife team over at Bangalore Watch Company.  Never considered a watch with a dedicated cricket bezel, but in being odd, it’s also fantastic.

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