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Introducing the Nodus Sector Watch Clicker and 40&20 Edition

Our very own GMT diver

It is rare you get to introduce your own watch. Today, the Watch Clicker team has such a privilege. Today, we are excited to announce the Nodus Sector Watch Clicker and 40&20 Edition. Before we get into some fun stuff, let’s talk about how this watch came to be.

The Sector Dive was partly inspired by a very early episode of 40&20, where Everett and Andrew were lamenting the lack of classic “Skin Diver” watches in the affordable/micro-brand watch market. The elegant holiday watches of the 1970s, designed for beach jaunts, snorkeling, and cocktails (as opposed to full-on scuba diving), had seemingly not made their way into the watch renaissance of the late teens. Legend has it that upon hearing the opinion, Wes and Cullen simultaneously said, “They’re right; Jinx! Double Jinx!” and that neither of them has spoken a word since.

Thus, the Sector Dive (and the fantastic Sector family of watches) was born. Eschewing the “overbuilt” trend of watches, both aesthetically and functionally. The Sector Diver was a trailblazer on the path of the collective watch community coming to its senses. Over the next five years, the skin diver would become, arguably, THE most popular microbrand aesthetic.

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Nodus Sector Watch Clicker and 40&20 Edition Specs

Case Width




Case Thickness




Lug Width




Water Resistance







Super-LumiNova BGW9 Grade A


Seiko NH34


$500 (SS) $525 (DLC)

Our Edition

Our version of the Sector started with a simple question to Wes. “What would it take to collaborate with Nodus?” The answer was, “Nothing, let’s get started.” After countless hours deciding which platform we wanted to use, Everett threw out the obvious—the Sector.
We slowly began modifying the Sector GMT and amalgamating it with the Sector Dive. Once we had the dial looking like something we would all purchase for ourselves, we knew it was ready for prime time.

Nodus Sector Watch Clicker 40 and 20 Edition-21

The color scheme uses our brand colors of blue and orange. It fits in perfectly with the dive watch aesthetic we were aiming for. We also wanted our version of the Sector to be functional, not just pretty. I have always said the world doesn’t have enough diver GMTs, so we quickly decided it needed a dive bezel instead of a GMT bezel. This allows the wearer to have full GMT functionality while still being able to time the most important things, like pizzas in the oven. Oh, and it makes a pretty damn good dive watch as well.

IMG 1792

Small Changes

The Watch Clicker camera logo is displayed at the 24 hour position on the inner GMT track. It is subtle enough to show the involvement we had in the design of this edition of the Sector without getting in the way of functionality.

Nodus Sector Watch Clicker 40 and 20 Edition-13

The atypical water rating provides a bit of inside-baseball­ for long-time Watch Clicker fans. This is a direct reference to 40 and 20’s Objectively Best rating system, where a watch receives 1 point for every 10m of water resistance, up to a perfect 11 points at (110m). Anything else is just… extra.

Nodus Sector Watch Clicker 40 and 20 Edition-10

We also modified the Sector 4 ring design on the caseback. The lens is at the center of the Watch Clicker camera logo, which slightly resembles a cog. This cog replaces one of the rings, integrating our design with the versatility of the Sector series.

Nodus Sector Watch Clicker 40 and 20 Edition-23

Supporting a Good Cause

Serial number 00 will be auctioned off for charity! The charity we have selected is Mission Blue. At Watch Clicker, one cause we care about deeply is the ocean. In 2023, less than 3% of the ocean will be fully protected from threats like overfishing and pollution. The great Sylvia Earle founded Mission Blue to protect the ocean. The areas under protection are deemed “Hope Spots” and become safe havens for wildlife and eco-tourism alike. To us, there was no cause more fitting for the ultimate travel dive watch than protecting the ocean in communities all around the globe.


To learn more about Mission Blue and where Hope Spots are currently located, check out their website.

50 Units

50 watches will be available starting today. They will be priced at $500 for the stainless steel bezel and $525 for the DLC bezel. Watches will begin shipping mid-December.

To purchase your watch, head over to the Nodus website here.

More Images of the Nodus Sector Watch Clicker and 40&20 Edition

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