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The guys at Nodus have been busy. Over the past few months they have released the Duality (review here), updated the Retrospect with new colorways, and released the Sector series. The Nodus Sector is a unique line of watches offered in 2 configurations with various colorways for each configuration.

Coming as either a field watch or dive watch, the Sector aims to please a broad range of audiences. The differences come down to two things: the bezel and the dial layout. The Sector Field has a fixed stainless steel bezel and a full numeral dial. The Sector Dive, which we will look at today, has a rotating dive bezel and a 3, 6, 9 dial layout.

Outside of those two elements, the watches are the same. The movement, case, crown, and bracelet are the same.  Regardless of whether you choose a Sector Dive or Field, the watch is a great entry into Nodus if you haven’t ever handled a watch from the brand.


On the Wrist

I’ve worn every Nodus and while they have yet to make a watch I didn’t like on my wrist, the Sector is their best entry yet. In the Duality review, I discussed how great that case was, and it still is, but the Sector knocks it out of the park in terms of fit. The curvature of the chunky lugs combined with the bracelet articulation and overall dimensions make this watch extremely comfortable on the wrist. I daresay that it is the most comfortable Nodus.


The dimensions of the Sector are going to please most wearers. Including the bezel, it is 39mm wide, 47mm lug-to-lug, and just under 13mm in height. When combined, those dimensions create a watch with a chameleon effect; it adapts to almost any wrist size. If your wrist is on the smaller side, the case diameter will slim down the watch to your wrist. If you have a larger wrist, the 47mm lug-to-lug will fill your wrist more.


Regardless of which dial option you choose, the Sector will always be highly legible. Nodus has fitted each dial color with its own coordinating and contrasting handset. This helps keep the dial readable and is a nice touch from Nodus. Far too often brands will fit the same color handset to every dial color they offer.  Not every dial color works with the same handset.


Nodus Sector Dive In Motion

Dial Details

The Nodus Sector is the named the Sector because of its dial. The sector dial on the watch adds a few dynamic elements that add a ton of depth to the dial despite it being entirely printed. There are a few main elements to the dial that break it up and add that depth. The inner part of the dial is raised above the rest of the dial. This part of the dial contains the Nodus branding and water resistance rating (150m). On the Sector Field, this section will also include a 24-hour scale.


Moving out from the center of the dial is where the numerals and markers are. I am a huge fan of the 3, 6, 9 configuration on the Sector Dive. Combined with the tapered markers, they create a contemporary look that still feels like a traditional skin diver dial layout. Part of me wonders what this dial might have looked like with applied markers at the 3, 6 and 9 positions. It might have added even more depth to an already great dial layout.


While the date window at 4:30 is extremely well executed in terms of the color-matched date wheel and the circular cutout, I found the date itself difficult to read. The printing is tiny, making it hard to check the date at a quick glance. I found myself moving the watch closer to my eyes to read it.


The last, outer part of the dial is raised slightly above the middle section and is color-coordinated to match the hour hand color; in this case, black. This is a simple chapter ring but the additional depth it provides is subtle yet effective.

As would be expected with any Nodus release, the Sector’s lume is fantastic. Nodus has been able to apply plenty of lume on all their watches and the Sector is no exception. Lume applications like this are what set the standard and make me wonder what other brands are doing with subpar lume applications on watches that cost 4 times as much.


Case, Bracelet and Bezel

As I discussed above, the case on the Sector is excellent. Nodus has done a great job in making a case design that looks great sitting on top of the wrist and isn’t bulky. The case finishing is excellent, and I did not find any blemishes on the brushed or polished surfaces.


The lugs are the star of the show when it comes to the case. The lugs are chunky from some angles and slim and elegant from others. They curve down at the tips, almost dipping below the caseback. This creates a feeling of the watch head being wrapped around the top of your wrist. There are thick polished chamfers that run down the lugs. This chamfer is what gives the lugs their alternating appearance depending on how you view them.


The transition of the lugs to the bracelet is one aspect where I think the Sector falls a little short. The transition is not bad by any respect, but after experiencing how well Nodus can execute a transition, as on the Duality, I would have liked to see that same seamless transition here. However, all of that is forgotten once you feel how comfortable the bracelet is. The H-link bracelet has small links that articulate easily, letting the bracelet drape around the wrist effortlessly. The double pushbutton clasp is a welcome change on the Sector. It keeps the clasp slim and balanced on the wrist.


My favorite part of the Sector Dive is the DLC bezel. It’s a unique take on a dive bezel and the execution is nearly perfect. It has both matte and polished surfaces, creating a refined look. A large lumed pip at 12 allows easy orientation when operating the bezel. However, there are no numeral markings so if you are using it to time something, you might have to take a close look to verify your time.


Audio Review of the Nodus Sector Dive with 40 & 20 and The Watch Clicker

Final Thoughts

If the intention of Nodus was to create an entry-level watch for those unfamiliar with the brand to get a taste of what their watches are like, then they knocked it out of the park. Even as someone who is familiar with all their releases, the Sector stands on its own merits quite well. It is a well-built watch with a unique look and a solid Seiko NH35 movement.

Nodus has been able to create watches different enough from each other to not be iterative but still maintains a brand design cohesive enough so that you know it is a Nodus without looking at the logo. That’s not a small feat for a young microbrand and I must applaud them for it. With that said, I am excited to see what Nodus has in store to break out of the dive watch segment. I’ve heard rumors of their new releases and if they prove to be true, we are in for quite a treat next year.

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Case Width38mmThickness12.9mm
Lug-to-lug Height47mmLug Width20mm
CrystalDomed SapphireStrapH-Link Bracelet
Water Resistance150 metersLumeSuper-LumiNova® BGW9
MovementSeiko NH35Price$400

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