Watch Clicker Recommends – The Best NATO Straps 2021

We break down our favorite NATO straps

With approximately 8 billion options, and seemingly constant change in the market, it can be hard to decide which NATO strap you should buy for your newest (or oldest) watch. Many (many) of the available NATOs look great on paper, but turn out to have shoddy stitching, sloppy un-welded cuts, crummy hardware, or are just plain uncomfortable. In this edition of Watch Clicker Recommends, we asked our staff for their favorite go-to NATO. Each of the options below come from great companies, and are made with superior fabrics, construction, and hardware. Buy with confidence!

Everett: Crown & Buckle Matte Supreme


For me, it’s the Crown and Buckle “Matte Supreme.” I genuinely believe that the Matte Supreme is peak NATO; lying in a Goldilocks zone between the ultra-velvety (but often floppy) seatbelt strap, and the overly-stiff, rugged tubular NATO (looking at you, ADPT). The Matte Supreme, looks awesome, feels awesome, and stays stable even with the heaviest watches in my collection.  Our Editor in Chief, Will, got me on Crown and Buckle in 2020, and I basically haven’t looked back. Not only do they sell an objectively good product, but Crown and Buckle is one of very few strap companies I know of that is offering a truly original, in-house product, and they are able to do it for a price that is very close (often even better) than many brand offerings that are decidedly not original or in-house. Personally, I dig that. Crown & Buckle

Will: B&R Bands Xtreme NATO


Since previously crowning the Crown & Buckle Supreme as my favorite NATO last go around, I’ve brought in several others NATOs, including Phenomanato, Wrist Hardware, Watch Gecko and more. The Supreme from C&B still holds a place in my heart and I had a hard time changing my selection. It honestly could be a toss-up between the two but there are a couple things that gave the new Xtreme collection from B&R the win. The weave of the Xtreme is similar to the Supreme, but feels slightly more svelte on the wrist. It is also a touch thinner, which is a plus for using it as a traditional NATO (not single pass). With all that said, you can’t go wrong with either, so why not give both a try? B&R Bands

Mike: SWC $10 Velcro straps


These straps from Swiss Watch Co are dirt cheap and crazy comfortable. Instead of passing under the watch, the ends of this strap split the difference: one secures like a normal two-piece strap, while the other passes through the lugs like the straps from Nick Mankey. Secured by surprisingly strong Velcro, these straps are available in a ton of colors, meaning you get comfort, no added height, and a lot of fun. I love these so much I was able to convince Will to buy a couple. Swiss Watch Company (SWC)

Andrew: Haveston General Service Strap


The Haveston General Service Strap has taken the lead as my favorite nylon strap. It’s a single pass through with a sliding RAF style keeper, sturdy hardware, and rugged material. This strap seems like it might be too robust on your first wear but it softens just enough to be exceptionally comfortable. Here it is in my preferred setting. The perfect g shock strap. Haveston

Honorable: Nick Mankey Designs – If you haven’t tried a Mankey strap, stop what you are doing and go place your order now. Every member of the Watch Clicker crew loves Nick’s straps and for good reason. They are custom-made, come in almost any color you want, and are beyond comfortable. They are arguably one of the best summertime straps available as they adapt to any changes in your wrist size without any adjustments needed by the wearer. They are Will’s favorite strap of any kind and that is saying something.


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