Hands On: Seiko 5 Sports x Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

It’s hard to believe that our good friends at Worn & Wound have been around for 10 years. It makes me wonder where this site will be when we hit the 10 year mark. I can only hope that we will be as successful as Worn & Wound and be celebrating that achievement like they are with a limited edition with one of the most storied names in watches: Seiko.


We got a chance to get hands on with the Seiko 5 Sports LE that Worn & Wound designed together with Seiko to celebrate their 10 years of bringing reviews, news, watch fairs, and more to the watch world. The watch derives some of its design cues from one of the first reviews published on Worn & Wound, the Seiko SNK803. Those familiar with the SNK803 will be able to spot the similarities (and the differences) right away.


The watch brings the classic Seiko 5 layout to the new form factor that Seiko is using for the 5 Sports models. The pilot-style layout remains with a mix of a sector dial and a new handset. This will be a made in Japan model so the day/date wheel will have Kanji days alongside the standard English day names. The textures used for both the inner and outer sections of the dial are beautiful and add a lot of dimension to the watch. The outer section has a waffle-like texture while the inner section has concentric rings. This is exactly the type of carefully crafted design that I expect from Worn & Wound’s limited editions, and they nailed it.

The 5 Sports is upsized slightly from the older Seiko 5 SNK and comes in at 39.4mm wide with a lug-to-lug of 48.1mm. It will be much easier to pair this watch with straps you already own as it has a 20mm lug width. However, if you don’t want or have any other straps, Worn & Wound has you covered. It will come mounted on a two-piece nylon strap that somewhat resembles a sail cloth strap. It will also come packaged with one of Worn & Wound’s excellent ADPT straps in Admiralty Gray.


The Seiko 5 Sports LE is limited to 1,000 units and is available now via the Wind-Up Watch Shop. The price is set at a very reasonable $325. Grab ‘em while you can, this one is a killer LE from Worn & Wound.

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Purchase the Worn & Wound Seiko LE here

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