First Look: Monta Noble

We take a look at Monta’s newest watch, the Noble

When Baselworld 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, there were a number of brands who decided to postpone their releases that would have been made during the show. Monta was one of those brands. I was eagerly awaiting their new release and could only guess what type of watch it was going to be. A chronograph? A dive watch? It turns out none of my guesses would prove to be correct.


Today Monta unveiled their newest watch, the Monta Noble. Monta claims the Noble is the result of listening to their clients over the past few years. I’ve asked for some new design elements from Monta in my own reviews and it looks as though they have listened.

There are a few things jumping out to me on the Noble, the most obvious being the handset. All 4 of Monta’s previous releases have used their signature sword hands. The faceted hands are their attempt to create a new signature design and I’m sure we will see these hands appear on future Monta models.  I like the design choice and I’m excited to see these hands up close as Monta states they have multiple angles and lume plots to create more depth.


Monta has also changed their logo slightly. The change is subtle enough that most probably wouldn’t notice it. The logo now feels slightly more nostalgic and refined. It also looks as though the logo and name at 12 o’clock have been downsized to give the dial more balance.


The markers on the Monta Noble will have multiple angles to give the watch plenty of flash. They have been changed from previous Monta releases and look to be a great evolution of their previous markers.

The Noble is undoubtedly Triumph/Atlas inspired. It is one of Monta’s best designs and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The new dial colors look fantastic and I’m especially partial to the blue gradient. The Noble feels like Monta’s take on a Rolex Datejust or Oyster Perpetual 39. Given the brand’s link to Rolex through their sister company Everest its not hard to see where they might draw inspiration from.


Monta is evolving the brand and constantly making tweaks to their lineup. Monta seems to live by the if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back ethos. The Noble is the next step in their brand evolution and a true sports watch.


I like all the changes Monta brought to the Noble and while it might be a tad bit of a safe play from the brand, I can’t complain about it. Given the current economic climate and manufacturing constraints for all watch companies, the Noble is somewhat of a risk for the brand. Because of this it will be limited to 200 pieces over the next 12 months. It will carry an attractive price at $1,600 for a pre-order and $1,760 at full retail. The Noble will land on wrists this November.

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Monta Noble Specs

Case Width






Lug Width






Water Resistance





Monta Caliber M-22


$1,600 (pre-order) $1,760 MSRP

All images courtesy of Monta

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