Wrist shot of the Nodus Trieste Polar LE

10 Days on the Wrist: Nodus Trieste Polar LE

10 days on the wrist with an LE from Nodus

There are many men and women who buy a watch and wear only that watch for the rest of their lives. If you’re reading this, you most likely don’t fall into that category . Many of us who have been infected with W.A.S. or “Watch Acquisition Syndrome” often don’t wear the same watch for two days in a row. Our collections constantly cycle; new pieces coming in and ones no longer in the rotation going out.

There are some out there, like the Two Broke Watch Snobs, who have completed a “watch fast” and have worn only a single watch for a month. I lack the courage to be that hardcore but wanted to get a taste of what it is like to bond with a watch for an extended period. This new segment, 10 Days on the Wrist, will showcase what it is like to live with just one watch for over a week. What did I learn? Did I learn anything? How did I feel about the watch after wearing it every day? I decided to kick it off with one of my favorite brands and one of their most limited pieces. Come along as I spend 10 days with the Nodus Trieste Polar dial LE.

Nodus Trieste Polar LE pocket shot

Not Many of These in the World

The Nodus Trieste was the brand’s first release into the saturated microbrand dive watch segment. My watch obsession had not yet reached microbrands when this watch was launched so I missed out on picking one of these up at release. A total of 50 limited edition dial colors of the Trieste were made, with only 10 of those being the polar dial.

The polar LE features a shimmery silver dial which is reminiscent of the sun hitting fresh ice on a winter’s day. The rest of the watch is similar to standard edition Triestes. A 41mm case with a 50mm lug-to-lug distance give the Trieste plenty of wrist presence without being overwhelming. The 20mm lug width was perfect for me as I progressed through my 10 days as I have plenty of 20mm straps to complement the watch.

Wrist shot of the Nodus Trieste Polar LE

I spent the first 3 days wearing the Trieste on its stock bracelet. While the bracelet was very comfortable and felt solid, I did find that it added some extra length to the watch because of how the end link ended. The center of the first link extended past the lugs of the watch, giving it a slightly larger appearance. It still fit my wrist, but was at the edge of what I normally wear.

Putting a Watch by My Bed Every Night

The Trieste really shines on leather, specifically black leather. I’ve had a recent obsession with single-pass leather straps and I received a new one just after I started my 10 days with the Trieste. Once I put my new Chromexcel ® single pass black leather strap on the Trieste, it barely left. The black leather paired perfectly with the contrast of white and black on the dial and bezel. I also found that the single-pass strap helped the Trieste feel a bit smaller on my wrist due to the lack of a gap between the spring bars and the case.

Wrist shot of the Nodus Trieste Polar LE

For those who only wear one watch or have “honeymooned” with a watch, you will know some of the simple pleasures of wearing the same watch every day. I usually plan what watch I am going to wear the next day. This choice usually revolves around my outfit, what strap or bracelet is currently on the watch and one I may have not worn in a while. My decisions were made much easier by only wearing one watch for 10 days.

Lume shot of the Nodus Trieste Polar LE

There was a certain romanticism about putting my watch on my nightstand before going to bed, knowing it would be the one I would pick up the next day. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to only have one watch to wear every day and I was able to get a small taste of that during this exercise. Of course, I did not have to wind my watch every day as the automatic winding on the Trieste kept it wound. I don’t fall into the camp of “watch winding lovers” so this was a small relief for me. I should also note that I did keep track of the accuracy, as I do not normally do that with my current rotation. I never wear a watch long enough to care about accuracy. The Trieste was able to keep +4/-3 seconds a day, which is outstanding for a watch that is a couple years old.

Was it Worth it?

What did I learn by wearing the same watch for 10 days? To be blunt, I learned that I love my other watches. The Trieste is an amazing watch and will rightfully find its way into my rotation, but it served another purpose during this time. It made me appreciate my other watches even more than I already do. I found myself changing straps on the watches I wasn’t wearing just to experiment with how they looked. All my watches received a thorough cleaning so they would be pristine when I wore them next.

Wrist shot of the Nodus Trieste Polar LE

I had fun doing this and I plan on doing it again. I wore the Trieste right after I received it, so it felt a little bit like a honeymoon. The next time I do “10 Days on the Wrist,” I plan on picking something that has been in my collection for some time or something more off the beaten path. One idea that was floated was wearing my wife’s Apple Watch® for 10 days. I’m not sure if I have it in me to complete something that brave.

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