First Look: Tudor Pelagos 39

Tudor answers our dive watch prayers

There are few mainstream brands that I can think of that listen to what fans are saying and implement those suggestions. Tudor is one such brand. From a smaller version of the Ranger to the Black Bay 58 in additional colors, it seems Tudor is keeping an eye on the watch community. It may take some time for them to release a watch with the suggestions the community asks for, but they seem to do it at some point. Their latest community-driven watch is the Pelagos, this time in a much-requested 39mm size. Introducing the Tudor Pelagos 39.


The Pelagos 39

The Tudor Pelagos has been one of, if not the best, tool watches available at any price. A Grade 2 titanium case and bracelet, 500 meters of water resistance, insane lume, and a fantastic bracelet make it extremely popular. However, at 42mm wide and around 15mm thick, it falls outside of what would be considered a watch for all wrists. It was at the limit of what my 6.75″ wrist would be able to bear. This is part of the reason I’ve had such an affinity for the Black Bay 58.


Tudor has heard us all that wanted a smaller Pelagos. They hinted at this with the Pelagos FXD, which was thinner but still a large watch. The Pelagos 39 comes in at, what you would expect, 39mm. It uses the same MT5400 movement as the Black Bay 58, so we expect it to be around the same thickness (11.9mm). It carries the same 200-meter water resistance rating as the Black Bay 58, but this is a change from previous iterations of the Pleagos, which had a date complication. That’s right; this is a time only Pelagos.


The styling is similar to the original Pelagos but appears to have the new molded ceramic markers a la Black Bay Pro GMT. There are a few changes. The markers are no longer set into the chapter ring, and the dial has a subtle sunburst texture. The Pelagos text at 6 o’clock is red, giving the watch a classic sporty vibe. All these changes are helping the Pelagos become more mainstream. This isn’t a watch targeted specifically at divers but anyone who wants a rugged tool watch built for any activity. Tudor nearly says as much in their marketing for this watch.


The Pelagos 39 will also come on the Tudor T-Fit clasp, a departure from the spring-loaded clasp on the original Pelagos. I don’t see this as a downgrade as I found the spring to be tensioned too tight for daily wear. It was meant for divers, and the T-Fit is designed for everyday wear. 


Final Thoughts

This is a surefire hit for Tudor. It is a watch for just about any wrist size that doesn’t sacrifice anything from the original Pelagos for real-world use. I have no doubt this will be a difficult watch to get for the first few months, but it is not a limited edition. If you’re looking for one, do not pay over retail. Be patient, and you will have one of these incredible watches on your wrist in no time.

Check out the Tudor Pelagos 39 website here

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