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True Life: My Husband is Addicted to Watches

The Watch Clicker’s wife tells a story about being married to a watch nut

The following is a guest post written by my wife.  The second portion will contain answers to some of the questions we received on Instagram.  Enjoy!

I vaguely remember Will’s watch hobby starting when a random Seiko showed up at the house one Saturday afternoon. Of course, I thought nothing of it, until the once non-instagrammer took a picture and hashtagged #seikosaturday. Maybe that’s where it all began.  Suddenly the words crown, bezel, lugs all became familiar terms referred to in our house. Our kitchen sink would become a bathtub for cleaning watches. This might explain why a rogue toothbrush is always laying in the kitchen next to the fruit bowl. I thought he was using it to brush his teeth. The kitchen table transformed into a strap changing center and the 10 slot watch case I bought a Christmas ago, became the home to a growing collection, which has now been outgrown. Heck, this is still the case today!

Somewhere in all of this, #sideswipe was created (props to me for that one!), we headed to watch fairs to meet some awesome watchmakers, and we’ve even carved a pumpkin like an Oris face. A key lime pie was bought to take a themed photo. It got to the point where I found myself searching hashtags one night on Instagram for the next watch for Will to buy! What in the world has happened to me? I laid in bed one night searching Instagram hashtags, and found a nice watch. Showed it to Will and then realized it was one of his pictures he posted. At least I saved us some money on that, already checked the box on that one!

True Life: My Husband is Addicted to Watches 1

#sideswipe with an Apple Watch?

What I will say is, I’ve watched my husband go from a good photographer to a great photographer. I’ve seen him get so excited when every watch delivery showed as being “delivered” even before he got home (unless it was being delivered by FexEx, and well….that’s another story). I do find myself helping come up with ideas and props that would make for good photos, and I’m glad I can now drag Will to Hobby Lobby and not see a frown on his face while I meander through the aisles, because he’s doing the same, just for something different! I’ve seen our cat, Revel, become one of the top watch cat models of Instagram. He’s established relationships with some talented and creative watchmakers out there in the world. I have learned to appreciate his love and passion for watches and photographing them. He’s shown me how intricate and thoughtful the design of them really are, even if I still wear an Apple Watch myself…..yikes! I have to say my #sideswipes with my apple watch were pretty darn good!

There are a few watches in Will’s collection right now that hold a lot of love and sentimental value. Regardless of photographs they will always hold a special place and memory in our hearts. Even though watches aren’t my thing, or the hobby I chose, I love to see the determination and excitement in my husband each and every day and how watches bring that part of him to life.

True Life: My Husband is Addicted to Watches 2

Time for my Q&A from the wonderful Instagram folk!

What watch of mine would you want to take as your own?

I have tiny wrists, so a lot of them are big on me. I did wear a Zelos Mako to Wind Up this year. (Trying to fit in) I tend to like Will’s blue dial watches! The look of one of the Nodus watches that had the sandy face dial, reminded me of summertime! I know a lot of Nodus’ watches…..the Avalon…..the Retrospect….and I want to say this one was the Contrail?

True Life: My Husband is Addicted to Watches 3

Which watch of mine is your favorite?

I’m partial to the ones I’ve purchased for Will. Although the Speedmaster will always be our wedding day watch and will bring back many memories….I think one of my favorites has been the Oris Aquis. I think that is the first watch I really saw light up Will’s face. It was such an important time in our lives, and when I decided to buy it, I was hoping that an engagement ring was going to be coming in the near future (it did! Phew!) I just think it’s the perfect size, style and look and it looks damn good on his wrist!

Have you gained any knowledge of watches from being around me?

I wouldn’t call myself the watch expert, but I can at least “talk” watches more than I could. I can at least name you all the components of a watch now! My knowledge grew to understand microbrands and how they are different from your typical watches you may see in department stores. I’ve come to learn of the community of people that support and influence brands and ideas.

How can we influence more women to want to collect watches?

I’ll say that I’m not a big watch wearer, I never was. The reason I put an Apple Watch on my hand, was largely so I knew when someone was texting me. At one point I liked to see the steps I walked in a day. It replaced the Fitbit with a little more pizazz.  I think watches for men are like shoes, nails, or clothing is for some women. Watches are like an accessory, and my accessory of choice is usually my earrings (can’t leave home without a pair in).  I would be interested to see what some of these smaller brands could bring for women, but I think the struggle would be getting them out there for women to see and want! Maybe you need more female Instagram influencers! I think women like attention to detail, like I see with the microbrands. They place importance on detail and feedback from the community that goes into their future watches, which is awesome!

True Life: My Husband is Addicted to Watches 4

How much do you want to kill him when he gets a package in the mail?

Initially, I was like- ANOTHER watch? Now I’m more annoyed that Will is stressed out that a certain delivery service sucks and can’t deliver on time. Like I said before, we all have our likes, hobbies and things that really inspire us, so as long as Will is happy, and we haven’t spent our life savings on watches, I’m happy that he is happy and doing something he enjoys. He works hard all day at his job, so something on the side that he enjoys is what matters most. I have a funny feeling when our daughter is born this June, he’ll find someone to get her into watches ASAP – stay tuned 😉

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  1. Great article, it’s interesting to hear about a watch addict from the significant other’s point of view. Both you and your husband have great taste, I love the feed, keep up the great work.

  2. Ah finally got a chance to read this and glad I did! It opens up the world of what my wife thinks and actually my wife is in the same frame of mind. I’m not that good with my photos. I just post my true life WOMW (What’s On My Wrist).

  3. I have struggled so much to appreciate my husband’s hobby of watches because it has hurt us a lot financially. Would love to connect with your wife or something so I can learn how to love him by participating in his hobby. Tough for me to get over seeing watches as a great financial danger and start to see them as something else.

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