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The Hamilton Dune Watches

Hamilton’s Leading Role in Dune: Part Two

Note: All spoilers for the first two movies and books, including the prequels, which were released in 2002, will be avoided in this article.

“It has been over fourteen years now,” I responded when asked how long I had my Hamilton BelowZero. I had recently serviced the watch and started wearing the hulking timepiece with some regularity again.

“I think that the limited edition Below Zero that was made for the movie Tenant is available in a store in Ottawa,” said my friend.

Even though I had seen the movie, along with The Martian, where the watch was also featured, I had never thought of my Hamilton as a movie watch. For James Cameron’s adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel, The Martian, the rumor is that Cameron chose the BelowZero for the movie, thus alleviating the Hamilton design team from having to design and make a bespoke watch. When I look down at my timepiece, I am reminded of life-changing visits to hospitals by the bedsides of loved ones. I recall sitting across from potential investors as I discovered in real-time their unsavory histories and bringing the meeting to a close in an elegant enough manner not to draw any ire. I remember having to take the watch off on multi-hour overnight commutes back home from meetings in different cities due to the sheer weight of the watch. While others saw a watch with a strong movie legacy in the aforementioned titles, along with The Green Lantern, Predators, and Central Intelligence, I merely just saw my watch.


As February drew to a close, Hamilton released two black watches to celebrate its work on Denis Villeneuve’s second installment of Dune. Like The Martian, I had read the books well before seeing the first movie, and in both instances, I was delighted not only with how the books were interpreted but also with how their worlds were realized.

In this article, we will go over the world of Dune and the two watches inspired by the Desert Watch that Hamilton designed for the movie. We will explore how these two watches, like my BelowZero, are not just movie watches but beautiful watches in their own right.

The World of Dune

One of the unique aspects of the science fiction universe that Frank Herbert created for Dune was the complete absence of complex computers. This is anything that could do complex calculations, including artificial intelligence. Much like Asimov’s works in the Foundation Series, Herbert addressed the existential threat of AI. They both used it as the foundational aspect of the lore of their books and as the driving force for humanity and its eventual evolution.

Hamilton Dune Sketch

In the Dune series of books, 10,000 years before the movie’s events, Earth was destroyed in a war that pitted humanity against artificial intelligence. This resulted in humanity’s evolution diverging and filling the gaps computers filled in creating human Mentats.
This becomes relevant for the role Hamilton would play in the movie. When asked to design a wrist-mounted device for the race of Fremens, Hamilton took a decidedly mechanical yet steampunk approach.

The Desert Watch

Made to look like it belonged on the wrists of those who stalked the surface of the desert planet of Arrakis, digital screens such as those seen in real-life smartwatches or other forms of science fiction had to be avoided. The Fremen, who call this harsh planet their home, wear suits called Stillsuits that help them survive the hostile desert environment. Using the owner’s movements for energy, these suits filter and gather the wearer’s moisture produced and recirculate it. One’s urine and feces also keep one alive in the desert heat.

Hamilton Dune Desert Watch Soldier

This watch needed to blend in and look like an integral part of this world, all while featuring one design characteristic unique to the Fremen and those who stay on the planet of Arrakis for a long time.

Hamilton Dune Desert Watch lifestyle

This can be seen by the brilliant use of blue in the prop designed by Hamilton and that of the two watches just released. The blue references the color of the eyes of the Fremen. Their eyes change to this particular hue of blue due to being naturally exposed to the spice. The spice itself called the Spice Melange, can only be found on the planet of Arrakis, and it is central to the economy of Herbert’s universe. When injected in drug form, the spice allows for humans called Navigators to safely, you guessed it, navigate ships through space. It also grants certain humans with precognition powers.

Thus, the device seen on the screen is worn, weathered, very rustic, and mechanical in nature and matches the dull brown and grey environment upon which it would be found. This device’s central feature, the blue circle and line, is prominently on the two limited edition watches.

The Hamilton Ventura Dune Special Editions

Both timepieces on offer feature quartz movements, but the XXL Bright uses analog hands, while the Ventura Edge features two separate digital LCD screens. Both models have blue lights, which can be activated by depressing the crown.

Hamilton Ventura Edge H24624330 Lifestyle 1

The Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright Dune Limited Edition is the more conventional of the two. It closely mirrors the existing XXL Bright, which features a stunning red backlight, but only at a ten percent premium to the standard edition.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright H24614330 Detail 3

The Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition is the watch that has had me and many others quite excited. Its case and integrated rubber straps are unique and mirror the device the audience sees on the screen. Its overall design looks like a watch that could exist within the universe, which Villeneuve has beautifully interpreted. This watch can potentially become a classic, and we can look to Seiko as a case study for this.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright H24614330 Detail 1

In 2001, Seiko released the limited-edition digital Final Fantasy watch, which was seen in the animated movie. Like the Ventura Edge, it, too, was unique and designed with the movie in mind. These Seiko watches are still sought after, and this Ventura Edge will also be a desired timepiece in the future. The Edge is limited to 2000 pieces, while the Bright is limited to 3000 pieces worldwide. The edge is nearly $1000 more expensive than the Bright limited edition, but this is understandable since everything about this timepiece is bespoke.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright Ventura Edge H24614330 H24624330 packaging 2

Final Thoughts

The last few days have been an exercise of extreme willpower, as I have had to resist buying the Dune Ventura Edge. Unlike most who would buy this watch and put it into a safe, I would happily wear it just as I have my BelowZero. The Edge also boasts twice the water resistance of its Bright stablemate at 100m, making it even more of an easy purchasing decision. Like my watch, its unique design, all-black case, dial and strap, and oversized presence make it a nearly ideal partner for my wrist. Though Hamilton has designed a gorgeous prop for the movie and released two beautiful limited editions for us consumers, they should be lauded for designing and bringing the Edge to market. It not only looks like it belongs in the expertly crafted universes by the brilliant minds of Frank Herbert and Denis Villeneuve, but it also manages to look perfect on your wrist in today’s reality.


Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright Dune Limited Edition

Reference: H24614330
Case Dimensions: 52 x 46.6mm
Case Material: Stainless steel with black PVD coating
Thickness: 11.8mm
Lug width: 23.5mm
Dial: Black dial, which lights up in blue when activated
Hands Brass hour, minute, and second hands with an “or noir” treatment
Movement: Quartz movement
Bracelet: Black rubber strap with pin buckle
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water: resistance 5 bar (50 m)
Limited edition 3000 pieces
Price: $2290

Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition

Reference: H24624330
Case Dimensions: 51x 47.2mm stainless steel case with black PVD coating
Thickness: 13.8mm
Lug width: 23.0mm
Dial: Black dial with blue digital display
Movement: Quartz digital movement
Bracelet: Black rubber strap with pin buckle
Glass: Sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 bar (100 m)
Limited edition 2000 pieces
Price: $3230

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