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First Look: Zodiac and Worn & Wound Super Sea Wolf LE

Worn & Wound and Zodiac bring back the 90s

Worn & Wound is no stranger to limited edition collaborations with popular brands. From smaller microbrands like Vero to one of their most recent with Christopher Ward, there is tons of variety offered by the LEs. While none of their collaborations can be considered boring, their latest with Zodiac certainly stands out from the rest as what can only be described as funky fresh.

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The Worn & Wound/Zodiac Super Sea Wolf LE is pure nostalgia, especially if you grew up in the 90s. The packaging channels the intro of Saved By the Bell and the watch matches that same energy. As far as fun watches go, this one is about as fun as it gets.

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The case and overall dial layout are pure Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. Long lugs and a simple marker and handset are present, but Worn & Wound has injected them with bright colors and bold accents. 90s neon colors are present throughout the watch, right down to the strap (which is Velcro of course).

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Perhaps my favorite thing about this watch is that despite all the craziness, it still bears the Swiss Made text at the bottom of the dial. There is something charming about seeing that on a watch that feels like it was pulled from my childhood color palette.

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I suspect these will go fast, but if they haven’t sold out by the time you’re reading this, the Super Sea Wolf LE will retail for $1,095 and can be purchased directly from the Wind Up Watch Shop.

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Zodiac Worn & Wound LE Specs

Case Width






Lug Width





Velcro Fabric Strap

Water Resistance





STP 3-13



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  1. Looks like a fun piece. A bit hectic for my taste but I can appreciate the design. The box it comes in looks almost exactly like my tissue box!

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