Podcast – Watches Roundup for September 14, 2023

In the 255th episode of 40 and 20, The Watch Clicker Podcast, we discuss some of the cool new releases over the last few weeks.  

Swatch X Blancpain Scuba

SINN 356 Anniversary Editions

Jacques Bianchi JB200 Poulpro

Hodinkee X Parchie

Bell & Ross Refines BR 03

3 New Seiko Presage

Seiko with 7 Laurel homages

Nullarbor Terrain

Circula Dive Sport Ti

Other Things:

Andrew: Magnetic Knife Block

Everett: LIHITLAB Compact Pencil Case


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Episode Transcript

Hello fellow watch lovers, nerds, enthusiasts, or however you identify.
 You're listening to 40 and 20 of the Watch Clicker podcast with your hosts Andrew.
 How am I good friend Everett?
 Here we talk about watches, food, drinks, life, and other things we like.
 Everett, how are you?
 Better now.
 How are you?
 Wow, that was it.
 That's all you got for me, huh?
 You said you were tired.
 I didn't realize you were dead.
 That is everything I have for you.
 I am good.
 It's Wednesday.
 We don't usually record on Wednesday, so I worked today.
 It was kind of a long day.
 It was all classroom instruction and it was all like that mandatory annual training that
 you just have to go to.
 And as a result, it's very tedious.
 Yeah, everything's always tedious.
 In my experience, everything is always tedious.
 This isn't tedious.
 Well sometimes it is.
 You're tedious.
 Yeah, no, I hate those mandatory trainings.
 Like, okay, I get it.
 Yeah, and I don't know.
 There's a whole bunch of nuance associated to it, but it makes for a really long day.
 I get it, but thank you for your work on the slide.
 Your choice of colors is perfect.
 Well, good stuff.
 Good stuff.
 No, everything's normal for me.
 I mean, we got, we started fall sports.
 This last week, which is at this point three kids, three different sports.
 Plus there's chess club, plus there's math circle.
 And so it's been like.
 And piano and guitar lessons.
 And piano and guitar.
 Yes, correct.
 And so like at 4.30 every day, I find myself checking the calendar to make sure I'm not
 missing something.
 Just mad dash in every direction.
 That's right.
 Although they're old enough now, I dropped the one of the 10 year olds off at soccer
 today and then walked across the street to the bar.
 That's a good bar too.
 Yeah, that's right.
 Have you, have you gotten the godfather there?
 I don't know what that is and I have not.
 They're $32 Bloody Mary.
 That is basically a meal and a Bloody Mary.
 Haven't done it probably won't.
 Not my jam at all.
 Like give me vodka and tomato juice.
 Call it a day.
 I don't mind an olive.
 You want to throw some asparagus?
 That's fine.
 Throw some asparagus.
 Send me a slider, some shrimp.
 Man, I hate it.
 That's actually just a sandwich on a fucking glass.
 Yeah, no, it's not my thing at all.
 It's also bottomless.
 Oh, that's not the case.
 It's not true.
 That would help.
 I don't know.
 I take issue with most bar Bloody Mary's.
 Once you find a bar that does a good Bloody Mary, that's my go to there.
 But typically they're not quite right.
 I am very easy going when it comes to Bloody Mary.
 A little bit of spice.
 I want my lipstick tingle.
 Lots of salt.
 Pepper for me.
 A little bit of vinegar in there.
 Whether from pickled vegetables here.
 I'm good with that.
 Put a little pickled juice in it.
 Oh, yeah, I can go for that.
 But I'm not like, oh, that Bloody Mary isn't good.
 I've never had a Bloody Mary that was like, ew.
 No, me either.
 But there's like a few and far between that.
 I'm like, mmm, yep, you got it.
 One of the bars I worked at in college, the bartender had his secret Bloody Mary recipe
 that was like 25 ingredients.
 Too many.
 When people would order a Bloody Mary, it would be like, mmm, I'm going to kill you.
 But it was his thing.
 Like, he didn't have to do that.
 No, but we had to.
 Yeah, that's brutal.
 Yeah, no, keep it simple.
 Spicy tomato juice.
 And then a slider on top.
 Maybe pizza.
 Definitely a couple of wings and some shrampeas.
 Double bacon fried egg burger with the surf and turf topper.
 Yeah, about that.
 Yeah, no, I do not need that.
 And I'm not going to pay 32 bucks for a fucking Bloody Mary either.
 Like a burger and a Bloody Mary.
 You are going to pay 32 bucks for that.
 No, a burger and a Bloody Mary is going to be like, I don't know, maybe 16 plus what,
 That's 24 bucks.
 That's less.
 Six dollars less.
 I'm going to pull up a picture of this, Godfather.
 Which is less.
 In any event.
 24 is less than 36.
 That's what's less.
 That sounds like an expedition.
 Haven't done it.
 Probably will, but I'm glad I'm glad it exists.
 I'm not unhappy about its existence.
 It seems like you might be.
 No, no, just I don't want any part of it.
 In any event, we are not talking about Bloody Mary's or burgers today.
 We're sliders on Bloody Mary's.
 I don't know why you're not.
 We are in fact talking about watches because that's what we do here.
 We, this is, if you're just tuning in on like a random surprise me play that it's literally
 a burger on.
 That's absurd, Andrew.
 No, I could do that.
 It's absurd.
 I think that one's bagel and locks with bacon.
 That does look like bagel and locks.
 Bacon, shrimp, bunch of vegetables.
 Looks like cheese and salami maybe.
 I did have a locks bagel for lunch today.
 That sounds really good.
 Half salt bagel cream cheese, locks, capers, little bit of thin sliced onion.
 I got to be real careful with locks.
 They like something about that just kind of gives me weird heartburn and then locks burps.
 You get the locks burps, yeah.
 Yeah, I know how that goes.
 It's worth it, but not for the people around me.
 Oh, sorry.
 I had locks on Tuesday.
 It's Friday, man.
 I don't know what to tell you.
 It hangs around.
 So anyway, watches.
 That's what we wanted to talk about today.
 We're talking about watches because that's what we do.
 This is 40 and 20, the Underscore Watch Clicker podcast where...
 Underscore the Watch Clicker podcast.
 That's right.
 Where we talk about watches every single week for the last 13 and a half years, we get
 154 episodes that are available for you to listen to that today marks 255.
 That sounds like a number that should be important, but it's not.
 Here we are.
 We're just recording again.
 Like we do every Thursday.
 So here we are.
 As we approach five years, 260 episodes, which is like two and a half months from now,
 no, a month and a half from now.
 That will mark six years of us doing this.
 And in that time, I think I've missed one episode.
 Andrew has...
 Oh, I may have missed two at this point.
 I think we're each under a handful.
 You have missed two or three.
 We missed one episode together because we both had COVID.
 Very bad.
 Very bad COVID.
 Where we'll take over.
 In that time, but every single Thursday...
 Even we'll take over.
 We haven't missed a Thursday.
 Every single Thursday.
 Well, no, we've had an episode recorded for every Thursday, but we have missed a few publishing
 Yeah, I don't know any words about that.
 Every single Thursday, we have published an episode of this podcast where we have talked
 about watches.
 I don't think that there is another podcast on the face of the earth that can make a similar
 Both in length of time.
 So an episode's published.
 That's right.
 Look, you guys, we haven't missed a week.
 Going on five years.
 And Everett and I are both very lazy people.
 In another month.
 I don't think there's anybody else who can say that.
 I mean, there's a few podcasts that are doing the consistency thing really well.
 I know Scottish watches is kind of a different deal.
 I don't really count them, but maybe that's not fair.
 We're older.
 They just have 10,000 episodes.
 That's right.
 You've got whiskey and watches.
 Love those guys.
 And they are very consistent.
 You've got wrist cheese radio.
 No longer a newcomer.
 They've been around for a while, but just haven't been doing it quite as long as that's
 all the folks who were in place when we got going have either gone away or just aren't
 quite the same thing.
 Two broke watch knobs.
 Both of us cut our teeth on two broke watch knobs.
 You know, they've they're still going.
 They're still going, but have have not been quite as consistent.
 The Grenados, they go back and forth sometimes are very consistent, sometimes less.
 We are the stalwarts of the watch podcast community.
 And I don't even feel bad about saying that.
 You shouldn't.
 Not even a little bit.
 And today's no different.
 We're going to talk about watches.
 We're going to round up the most cool things that have happened in the last week.
 Andrew, we missed some big news.
 I think it was the day after we recorded last week that swatch announced their collaboration
 with Blanc Pang.
 There blank pain.
 Blank pain.
 There is a 50 fathoms, bioceramic swatch watch that dropped last week.
 If you didn't know, what are we going to call it?
 We have moon swatch.
 It's pretty easy.
 Now you know.
 I don't I don't believe that there has been a nifty 50 nickname past yet.
 Fifty swaddoms?
 I think.
 Yeah, I don't know.
 That's kind of fun.
 Where is the link?
 I know it's here.
 Well, I texted it to you in any event.
 Much like the moon swatch.
 Blanc Pang has released with swatch a 50 fathoms.
 And look, this thing is legit.
 So the CEO of Blanc Pang has famously said, Hey, look, I am not going to.
 Blanc Pang will never release a court watch.
 And true to that, this is an automatic watch.
 And just tip to tail.
 This is a better watch than the moon swatch.
 Andrew 100% agree or disagree.
 100% better in every regard than the moon swatch.
 I think a big component of that is that they were forced to go with a automatic movement.
 So in doing that, they I think there was probably some thinking of, all right, well,
 if we're doing that, let's do some other cool shit with it that we wouldn't have other
 wives done.
 And they chose a freaking cool movement.
 They're using the, what's it, the system one, as it called?
 System 51 named after its 51 parts.
 This is a non serviceable swatch automatic movement.
 It's been around for a handful of years, if not a decade at this point.
 So system 51 is a very fitting movement for this watch.
 And it looks like the 50 fathoms.
 I mean, but it's bio ceramic.
 That's right.
 Unlike the moon swatch, we're unlike the moon swatch where you're like, oh, that's, I know
 exactly what that is.
 This you obviously will have this similar reaction, but it has, it bears greater resemblance to
 its big brother.
 Father, maybe.
 And see, I think actually the moon swatch is a dead ringer for his speedmaster pro.
 I'm not sure what you're, I'm not sure what you're referring to.
 Well, you got five colorways here.
 What's your favorite?
 I think for me, it's got to be the Pacific Ocean, the yellow and black.
 Although I'm kind of a huge fan of that, which is the, which is the white one, the an arctic.
 Oh, with the moisture indicator.
 Yeah, that's right.
 I like the arctic.
 The no rad.
 That one's the orange with the no radiation marker on it.
 So it not just a, you know, so the moon swatch, I think is a pretty simple watch, right?
 The speedmaster is a flat printed dial, not so with the 50 fathoms.
 And, and much like you'd expect here, we've got, we've got a lot going on.
 The handset is gorgeous.
 The dials are gorgeous.
 Each of these has a bit of an ombre applied numerals, a phenomenal looking bezel that
 works working bezel.
 Great model to crown.
 I mean, these are for lack of a better term.
 These are well polished watches.
 Each of them.
 And but for the fact that they're made out of bioceramic, oh, drill plugs on these, but
 for the fact that these are made out of bioceramic, this is a pretty good.
 I mean, just on paper, this is a pretty good watch.
 100% agree.
 This is a way cooler release to me.
 This isn't that all the direction that I expected swatch collaborations to go for this bioceramic
 line, right?
 Like I, there's a hundred watches that I never would have gotten here, right in the
 guessing game.
 Well, a Blancpain section obscure brand, I mean, really more than any of the other, like,
 player, swatch group players.
 Blancpain is inaccessible.
 Omega is like the every man's luxury watch.
 Blancpain sits on the other end of that spectrum.
 Like Russian oligarchs were Blancpain and nobody else.
 Like they are.
 Yeah, autocrats for the most part.
 Like this is not an accessible brand.
 So for them to have chosen this watch, I agree with you.
 It's hard to, like guess that they were going there.
 Although I think we've heard rumblings about this recently, but before that, I'm not sure
 it would have been on anybody's top two or three list.
 Even with the rumblings, it's still like, no, fuck off.
 That's not where we're going.
 Next up is a tank.
 That was ceramic tank.
 Well, it's a, have we done that?
 Have we played that game?
 Have we looked at the swatch group brands?
 Oh, not recently.
 So T so Omega, breggae.
 Oh, you know, breggae, that could be fun too.
 Longine, Harry Winston, want, rado, Mido, Glashuta, Sartina Hamilton, Balmain, Jackie
 We could get a swatch.
 What's the, the, the bird one?
 Union Glashute flick flack.
 Not a long ago.
 Could we get a longer one?
 Oh, that actually could kind of fit with the trajectory.
 A swatch, longer one.
 So yeah, there's some, there's some, like, are they just trying to make these inaccessible
 watches accessible?
 Is that what's happening?
 You know, I don't know.
 I think they're kind of trying to go for the icons and certainly Speedmaster is an icon.
 Certainly 55 of them is an icon.
 So yeah, where they go with this next, who, who knows.
 I think Longine would kind of fit, breggae fit too.
 And maybe, maybe they're done.
 I kind of doubt it, but why would they be?
 You know, the lugs and everything on the longer seem like they'd work with this.
 And if Blancpond can lower themselves, certainly longer can't, right?
 Let's put one in people's hands because they'll never touch one.
 So sorry we missed it.
 It's been a whole week since you've heard our thoughts.
 Andrew, are you generally a thumbs up?
 I'm a, I'm a two thumbs up.
 I'm a two thumbs up too.
 Two thumbs up.
 Me too.
 I like this release.
 I think this is a cool thing.
 I hope though that they keep it stable at this five watch collection.
 Oh, yeah.
 400 bucks, we didn't say.
 Oh, yeah.
 Well, you'll get them on the, on used market for like 900 bucks for the next couple months.
 Is that right?
 I haven't even seen one for sale.
 Because they don't come out until Saturday.
 Oh, is that the deal?
 400 bucks.
 I would have thought with the system 51 movement and what looks to be to me to be a better watch
 that they would have been priced higher than that.
 But I do think they'll be less demand for these than the speedies.
 Actually, no, eventually.
 I think you'll be able to get 48 hours later.
 I bet for like three months they're going to be on the secondary market for way too
 much money.
 Yeah, we'll see.
 We'll see.
 My prediction is that these will be a little bit less and by a little bit, I mean like a
 quarter as hard to get as than the speedies, but we'll see.
 We'll see.
 Cool watch.
 All righty then.
 Some new stuff from Zinn.
 Zinn's a brand we haven't talked about in a while.
 It's been a minute.
 So they in honor of the anniversary of the 356 pilot chronograph have done three new releases.
 One of them being an anniversary release.
 The pilot classic anniversary.
 Easy enough.
 And the next two being the 356 pilot classic, A S E and the 356 pilot classic.
 And these are great.
 They're all the Zinn things that you want by compacts, chronographs, one being a panda
 and the other being kind of an interesting kind of smokey gray gradient dial with black
 sub dials.
 And I really like that.
 Yeah, the fonts on these are really good.
 I think sin, sin, sin does a really good job with fonts, but these in particular, when
 I cracked open the link, I was like, ah, ah, yes, very, very good.
 They do a thing where the maid in Germany is in a large and small caps in like, I don't
 know, Calibri or something trashy.
 But other than that, I think they do a really, really, really good.
 It's not large and small caps.
 It's upper and lower case.
 And it's like, hmm, okay.
 But that, you know, the 356, I think this is.
 Oh, instead of uniformly upper case.
 Anyway, it's just funny to me.
 But so this spacing doesn't look quite right.
 The kerning.
 But this is a great watch.
 The 356, I think is such a classic case.
 Pushes are real simple.
 This has got a great zen crown, great size on these 38 and a half.
 We've got a Zalita 56 hour automatic chronograph on these.
 And they're these are coming in at under three grand.
 Yeah, they're like what?
 2006, which is a terrific price for this watch.
 I do wish you could get these on a bracelet.
 Yeah, these would be nice on a bracelet.
 But that's, I don't know.
 I feel like zen's always got something kind of weird.
 Oh, I think you actually, you may be able to get the, you may be able to get the gray
 dot on a bracelet, the anthracite or the anniversary, the anniversary.
 Let's see.
 Let's see if you can get one.
 There's only 500 pieces of them.
 Yeah, that's right.
 That's right.
 They're website always bugs me.
 It's a it's just so bad.
 And for like the caliber of company that they are, what, why?
 Yeah, I don't get it either.
 I think it's because they are not really selling their own watches.
 So I think this is.
 Does they never have any?
 Well, and I think they're using almost exclusively third party retailers too.
 So like what's the point?
 To have a website that works.
 That's not hard.
 Like 18 year old porn stars can figure it out.
 This is an enormous company.
 At least relative to an 18 year old.
 Do we talk about the Jacques Bianchi JB 200 when it came out?
 I feel like we must have.
 But I don't know if we did.
 I don't know that we did.
 I think it might have been on a list, but I don't know if it made the list because we
 often exhaust our time before we exhaust our list.
 Oh, that's very likely that we had it on a list.
 Because I know that I remember this.
 I remember even talking to you about this seated right here.
 So yeah, Jacques Bianchi brand that came out a few years ago, sort of a zombie brand,
 I think, and I hope I'm not offending anybody if I say that, which is a revival of a 1980s
 brand owned by Jacques Bianchi.
 Yeah, that's right.
 They released a very familiar, what I'm going to call a familiar 70 style dive case, I think
 in 2019.
 And these watches are terrific.
 They just look like they could be from the 1970s.
 And they have now released a new French Destro dive watch.
 And it's got it's essentially the same watch with a better movement.
 They did have any 35s and they now come with so proud movements.
 But instead of a scuba dude on the dial, we've now got this lovely octopus.
 It's an octopus like a Mediterranean octopus.
 Tons of super lumenova all over this thing.
 I'm sure it lights up.
 Great movement.
 Oh, it's got to be because that's so much loom.
 Yeah, that's right.
 That's right.
 It has to add weight to the watch.
 There has to be a discernible amount of weight created by the amount of luminescent material
 on this dial.
 And these are just, I really captivated by these things.
 So they're not particularly expensive.
 I think these come in at well under $1,000, 646 euros.
 720 bucks or so.
 That's right.
 42 millimeter really classically sized dive case, no bracelet, but they come on a terrific
 200 meters of water resistance, tons of super lumenova, so proud PO24 automatic movement.
 I almost feel like it's hard to say too much about this watch because I think the paper,
 the stats don't really do it justice.
 So here's it is a Kickstarter campaign, right?
 From 2019.
 That's right.
 Well, so the current one, the pool pro, it says that it's limited edition individually
 numbered pre-order will be available for a duration of only 15 days with expected delivery
 in January 24.
 So that's actually pretty, pretty, am I broken?
 Pretty quick turn.
 So I think it's a pre-order like that and that's I appreciate doing limited time pre-orders
 as opposed to limited edition runs because then there's nobody like, oh, I got on the
 website and I couldn't get it.
 It's like, no, you chose to not buy this watch in the two weeks that it was available.
 And you know, everyone we've talked to when they do limited time order, like limited time
 only runs 90% of their orders come in in the first hour and then they trickle in until
 That's right.
 But it'd be really nice for, you know, if this is what's like knocking your socks off
 to be able to guarantee that you can get one provided that you log in over a two week
 And look, this, I'm really captivated by these because it's a really good execution
 of the modern case, but this, there is not, this is not groundbreaking.
 There's nothing earth shattering happening here.
 But if you, if this is your jam, I think that this is one of the best, one of the best brands
 available right now making these, there's a handful of companies that are making modern
 case divers.
 I think this is the guy that I'm going to go with because it's a really neat brand.
 Really good execution, great dial.
 The scuba do is like a one for one of the 1982.
 That's right.
 Which is really cool.
 But the hour hand at like two, 15 looks like scuba dudes holding the sword.
 And you know, you may be able to get a similar case out of like an alley brand.
 There may be an alley brand making a similar case watch for under 300.
 I don't know.
 I genuinely don't know.
 I'm chilling with watches on YouTube, he would, I'm sure, know, but if not at under 700 bucks,
 especially now with the soap rod, this is a, this is a really good deal.
 Yeah, it's cool.
 And it was next.
 We have another Houdinkey collaboration release, actually releases, release parent S.
 Collaborating with Parchie.
 Now, Parchie is Cara Barrett's brainchild doing kid friendly generally watches and kid watches
 that are, don't worry about it, that are fun and usually really colorful.
 We have this Houdinkey collaboration that looks, my first thought I was like, what's
 happening here?
 They collaborated with her to do vintage inspired, truly clunky divers.
 And like my first thought, I was like, that's a U50.
 Or 11 amos.
 Or anything of that ilk.
 Like you can get all of these flavors and feels out of these very truly dive watches.
 They're coming in two sizes, 32 millimeter for the smaller, statchered, young watch enthusiast
 and 36 for those of us with, you know, a little bit not juvenile wrists.
 And I think the 30, I don't think there's ever been a 36 millimeter.
 I think that's the first for Parchie, right?
 So here's, here's what's really exciting.
 Cause I looked at this and I was like, ah, this kind of a bummer.
 These are really cool.
 It's a Houdinkey collab though.
 So it's, we're, we're going to, this is like a money dropper.
 85 bucks for the 36 and 75 for the 32.
 If you buy them as a set, it's 150.
 This is cool.
 Coming on, I think it's just the gray Velcro strap available, but it's super fun.
 I mean, these, these are great.
 It's dropped all the pretense 30 meters of water resistance.
 Japanese quartz movement.
 You don't need any more than that.
 This watch is designed to be giving to a child.
 This watch will get lost.
 And so I do think these are very similar to the Parchies that were released in the first
 run, except for the colors.
 You've got this very zen, like you said, under zen color, you got this, the silver case,
 which I think is the first for Parchie blacked out.
 These are stoic, sort of an aged loom thing going on.
 Aluminum aluminum, I think is the, the material.
 So not 316L steel.
 How clutch your pearls.
 How dare they.
 What'd they use?
 It's aluminum.
 These are really fun.
 I think this is a really cool.
 This is one of my favorite Houdini collaborations.
 You know, I don't know.
 Can you still get these?
 Are these still available?
 Looking now sold out.
 Join waitlist.
 So no.
 Yeah, that should have been expected, I guess.
 Sorry, guys.
 We're talking about a thing that you can't buy.
 We do that occasionally.
 Yeah, we do that from time to time.
 A lot of the things we talk about you can't buy because you just like, you're not going
 to mortgage your house.
 But these are terrific.
 I dig it.
 Can I talk about something that I'm kind of excited about?
 Go home.
 So, Benlon Ross has released a second generation, a refinement, if you will, of the BRO 3K.
 So I have talked about the BRO 5 at length.
 I think it's just a really terrific watch.
 It bummed me out when I put it on for the first time because I was like, God damn it,
 now I want this.
 If rides and feels very much like the Santos, it's clearly a lot bigger.
 It's a lot chunkier.
 Chunky, yeah.
 If it feels not as much of a dress watch as the Santos does, but has all that same sleek
 felt good feel to it, it's kind of like wearing the bull of a curve, which is one of the most
 comfortable and unattractive watches I've ever put on.
 So the BRO 5, of course, is a relatively recent addition to the Bell and Ross line.
 Bell and Ross has done sort of vintage skin diver cases, but they're probably almost certainly
 best known for their BRO 3 big chunky square as shit exposed screws case.
 This is a pilot's watch, sort of an instrument watch.
 And I have on a couple of different occasions put this watch on and thought, gosh, it's
 so close.
 I really like this watch, but it's just a touch too much.
 It's a little bit too much.
 For what it is, just the tiniest bit too much.
 And I think that they may have fixed this.
 So these have just been circulated in spec.
 And I think only a handful of people have actually had their hands on these black cases.
 Gosh, they're good.
 But what they've done is they've taken the BRO 3 and they've reduced it by a millimeter,
 which is it doesn't sound like much 42 to 41, but with a square case, 42 millimeters
 to 41 millimeters is going to make an incredible amount of difference.
 We're talking about a significant change.
 They've also reduced the lugs from 4 and a half millimeters to 4 millimeters.
 If you've ever tried one of these on, you'll know what I mean.
 But the lugs on this thing are tremendous.
 And I think with this change, you're going to have just a much more manageable watch.
 I'm guessing I would like to try this on.
 I would too.
 Because I think if I'm right about this, this is going to be almost a perfect watch.
 You don't want it to be well, that's not sorry.
 Let me back up.
 It'll be a much more refined version of this watch.
 You want this watch to be a statement piece.
 You want it to be huge and it 41 millimeters.
 It's still going to be huge.
 But I don't think it's going to be unwieldy in the same way that the original BRO 3 was.
 You still got the 430 or whatever, not 430.
 Yeah, 430.
 Or 30. Hour, which are date, which people don't love.
 I'm fine with it.
 But I think this is just going to be a much sleeker, much easier to wear watch.
 And 100% is.
 So they release this and what?
 All the colors.
 Eight different versions and they range from the 3600 to 4300 according to Wern and Wound.
 Thanks Blake.
 I actually impumped about this.
 This the black with white print is my jam.
 Just the regular black die over beer.
 Yeah, it's the one.
 For me too.
 I understand why these don't come on a bracelet.
 With the silver case, right?
 You need that silver case.
 I don't love this case.
 No, no, the black case.
 You want murdered out.
 No, not murdered out because there's a straight murdered out one that's like the
 Oh, right.
 That's like the Doxa beta.
 That's totally illegible.
 You like the white marks.
 Yeah, black dial white markers, black case.
 That is it.
 4100 bucks for that.
 The steel case in that version.
 So steel cases are actually 30.
 The black and blue 3600 bucks.
 I'm wondering what's making.
 Oh, it's copper and I'm wondering what's making these other steel cases 3900 bucks.
 I don't know.
 But for 36, 3600 bucks, the chunk of change.
 But this is a pretty interesting.
 It's always been a pretty interesting watch to me at that price point because I don't
 think you get anything with quite this level of iconic chops at that amount of money.
 You're getting a very high quality timepiece with luxury components.
 Street cred.
 Visual interest.
 And just just comfortable as I'll get out.
 I still really like that icy blue or sky blue, whatever they're calling it, a BRO 5, but
 the one that's diamond crested.
 Oh, well, you know, I'm a sucker for the diamond and crested.
 No, I just mean the diamonds in the center link.
 This is this is all you all day.
 I love that one dude.
 That's it.
 Yeah, you can pick those up on the secondary market too, for I think like 16.
 I wonder I might have to look for these BRO 5s and steel.
 Yeah, I don't know where the closest retailer is.
 I know that they have them at several airports.
 I'm going to I'm going to Las Vegas next month.
 Oh, you'll be able to find them there and I'm going to spend a lot of time.
 I'm going to leave my credit cards in my room and go to hit some watch IDs.
 Put them in the safe.
 No, I'm just leaving free floating, right?
 Like the housekeeper, whoever steals my card is going to spend less money than I would
 and I can get the money back.
 So, yeah.
 Andrew, what's next?
 BRO 5.
 Um, next up for me.
 Oh, we got some shocking here.
 And all you guys probably haven't seen this coming.
 The Arusci diles are the one that got me excited in an animal dial.
 We have the SPB 403, 405 and 407.
 The Arusci diles, Arusci, I'm always really hesitant to say like transliterated words.
 Um, and I don't I don't read Japanese.
 So like let's just come up with an English word for it.
 Um, that way I can say it and not sound like ass hat.
 Um, so the enamel dial.
 This like all these dials are beautiful and this is these are all coming into the presage
 line, which is kind of what Seiko, I think used to replace the, uh, vacation of grand
 Seiko, right?
 Or they're they got it.
 They wanted to have some up market.
 Dressy sport watches.
 So they've got this presage line, which went up market from where it used to be.
 Um, so these are coming in at like 1500 to 1800 euros.
 The, um, oh, where is it?
 Uh, green is a Seiko boutiques.
 The white enamel is the only, so these all share a case.
 They're all the same.
 Everything but for their dial, not, not quite.
 So the enamel dials half a millimeter thicker.
 So because of the size of the dial, that case is slightly, slightly unique, but this is
 absolutely stunning.
 Everything about this is like filling grand Seiko void for me.
 This is dope.
 This like crescent moon balance on the seconds hand, beautiful, like beautiful hands.
 Great markers on this.
 This is just the most simple elegant case.
 This is it for me.
 These, these are terrific.
 You know, I've seen a lot of macro photos of these.
 I'm not seeing one in person, but I've seen a lot of macro front photos of these.
 The crown on these is spectacular.
 Just slight onion to it.
 The bracelet's terrific.
 All of the chamfers.
 Now you're, you're paying for this, right?
 This is not an inexpensive watch for a Seiko, a non grand Seiko.
 You're spending well into the thousands, 1500, 1750 and 1800.
 That's some dough.
 That's a chunk of change for a Seiko.
 For a Seiko, right.
 But so 40.2 millimeter case, 12, one thick for the white on animal.
 11, six thick for the Erucci dials, 48 lug to lug, 316L steam.
 Sapphire crystal, 100 meters of water resistance.
 It's the six R55 movement.
 These are just phenomenal.
 Just could be a one watch.
 Yeah, still too thick for me.
 I mean, for this, it's still too much for me.
 In the 11, six on the Erucci dials, it's, that's a chunk for this watch.
 And I have the same objections for the King Seiko, which I own.
 It's just a chunk of change.
 Beautiful bracelet on these.
 Five link with polished two and four.
 Yeah, these are good.
 I got a chamfer on the inside of the lug.
 I'll say though, the end link fitment doesn't look as good as I initially thought it would
 when you zoom in on that macro.
 To bum us me out, Seiko.
 It's got a bit of a gap there.
 Just a bit.
 Just wear it on leather though.
 Yeah, not me.
 Not this guy, Andrew.
 I like these.
 This is a cool release.
 Sticking with Seiko, Seiko's one to celebrate obscure anniversaries.
 And they are now celebrating not 100, but 110 years of the Seiko Laurel.
 It feels like a bit of a reach for me.
 With that said, why celebrate at popular increments?
 With that said, I like what they've done here.
 So the Seiko Laurel famously blew hands, red, you know, red accent, white tile, black markers.
 They have released, how many is it, Andrew?
 Seven, I think.
 Seven watches from their line everywhere from Persage to Pro specs in an oh, in a sort
 of homage colorway.
 And so what you get here is a Persage.
 You're getting a GMT, which I think is probably the winner.
 The astronaut is the butt.
 Like this is the weird cousin who's like still biting at 18.
 That's right.
 I think the SSK 015, the Persage GMT is maybe my favorite of these.
 Yeah, that's gorgeous.
 For 625, but you can also get the new alpinist GMT.
 Yeah, this Pro specs is where it's at for me.
 You can get a speed timer, solar chronograph, and you can get a very affordable SRPK 41,
 Seiko 5 sports with a terrific little five link.
 The astronaut, I agree with you, Andrew.
 What the fuck?
 Which is a great, it's a GPS solar watch, very neat in a lower color way.
 And I know, like we don't want to make any of these, so we'll just make it so grotesque
 that we won't have to.
 I think it's a miss with the speed timer based on the fact that you're not really getting
 blue in there.
 I guess I'll give them a pass because I don't have any choice but to.
 You could, that would have been a really easy blue ad.
 I think the alpinist GMT is a fucking winner though.
 It's a banger.
 Oh, it's a banger.
 And that precise GMT, man.
 What is the size on the Persage GMT?
 SSK 015.
 SSK 015.
 So all these are limited to like sub 5000 pieces.
 We have the, the Persage is at 1500 pieces.
 And I think it's, it is certainly the most elegant of them all.
 41 by 13, which is, is fine for this watch.
 That might be.
 That might be, that might be the one.
 That's a sexy looking watch.
 Another at 2000.
 Another at 3500.
 They're all over the place.
 6000 for the Seiko five sports.
 And these are clearly numbers that are meant to capture predict, projected sales volume,
 You know what they didn't publish?
 How many they're making of the astronaut?
 It's just that one.
 That's the one.
 So that's the one they're going to add a little full time line.
 It's still available.
 It's, we made 12.
 No, they just made the one in the picture.
 Nobody's bought it yet.
 These are cool.
 The speed timers need.
 It's neat, but it seems the rest of these seem like they blew the hands at the, the three
 and nine sub dial.
 Problem solved.
 I think so.
 I think the other way, I think the speed timers kind of a miss, but not that the watch
 is a miss just it's a miss in this lineup.
 It's a cool watch though.
 I really like the sake of five version of it.
 It's the color on that.
 The color is on that.
 It's great.
 This is cool release.
 So they've released what 10 watches this week.
 That we know of.
 There's much, there's more in the pipeline.
 Andrew, what's next?
 Next up for me.
 It's a Australian company that isn't particularly new, but is new to me.
 It's a brand called the, I'm ready.
 No clue.
 No arbor maybe.
 But I've been looking forward to you making NULAR.
 Nulaba mate.
 Got that.
 Sorry, but not.
 It's not an Australian.
 They're too far away for it to matter if they're angry.
 So this is a Kickstarter brand based out of Australia, which is not known.
 That's how when British and Australian people, when a word ends in A, they make an R sound.
 I don't have an answer for why.
 So I call it Australia.
 Because they call it Australia.
 Which is not a country known for its watch brands.
 So this fellow wanted to kind of bring some Australian watchmaking and design to the forefront,
 designed these three watches based off of the landscapes of Australia.
 That was a squeaky door.
 And he did it in a really tasteful way.
 You know, it'd be really easy to push too far into the stereotypes and the big design ideas.
 He created a very classically styled kind of 70s dive watch with a really simple sandwich
 style with really good font, a few good color ways, and produced a good watch.
 And I think it's cool.
 Spected out.
 It is.
 Where are we?
 40 millimeter case, 12 millimeters thick, 100 meters of water resistance, Sapphire crystal
 comes on a FKM rubber or nylon or with a bracelet, Mjota 90, 39 movement.
 And 600 and some bucks right now on Kickstarter.
 These are cool.
 Like, they're not, they're not extraordinary.
 They're just well designed watches.
 The one unique thing that he did rather than a traditional dive bezel, he included a compass
 bezel because this was supposed to be an outdoor bring it with you on your adventure
 to watch.
 For those of you who don't know, you can use the sun and your watch dial as a compass.
 So he added that as the bezel in lieu of a dive bezel.
 Sort of an adventure is watch.
 I learned today though, and I don't know why I learned it.
 It makes perfect sense that the methodology for determining mag or true north in this
 different in the southern hemisphere.
 It is, yeah.
 In that you use the 12 o'clock as opposed to your hour hand.
 Which makes sense.
 I don't know why it works that way.
 Like I don't, but I acknowledge that it works that way.
 There you go.
 I accept it.
 I accept that it's truth.
 But a cool, a cool release from a company that you don't see a whole lot of out of Australia.
 These are neat.
 I like the ceramic dials.
 This is, we're sort of at like peak micro brand right now or maybe just past peak micro brand.
 I think we're just passing the peak and we're starting to get into a downturn.
 It's very simple to make one of the best watches on earth right now.
 And we'll see.
 Everything's perfect.
 And we'll see too if this brand can remain viable or if we see like just kind of a couple
 hits and then, and then move on.
 Which, I mean, you as a brand owner can attest to that is a lot of brands drove themselves
 out of business by making arguably the most, like one of the most impressive sub thousand
 dollar watches on the market.
 And then as a result, not actually being able to afford to produce it.
 Yeah, that's right.
 You didn't do that.
 You didn't do that.
 But other brands have done that.
 So, the charming fellows I met in New York at windup at this point a year and a half ago,
 two years ago, was Cornelius Huber a year.
 A year ago.
 A year ago.
 Of circular watches.
 Cornelius is an unassuming fellow sitting at a table that looks like a startup.
 And then you find out, well, I've actually taken this company over for my dad.
 This is a, you know, going on 80 year old company with a fantastic history.
 And then you pick the watches up and you're like, oh, oh, these are really, really good
 We talked about this brand pre windup last year as a brand that we were most excited
 to get our hands on.
 We talked about this brand.
 We talked to this brand at windup and then again, post windup.
 That's how exciting what they're doing is.
 And when you say unassuming and charming, I thought he was just a fellow work in the
 That's right.
 Like, hey, you're in New York.
 I'm going to send you a dozen watches.
 I'll pay you a hundred bucks.
 Just like show people my watches.
 He, because he's just sitting there like every other brand owner is like getting out there
 and rowdy and like, like just getting it.
 He's just like, come to me.
 What do you want to talk about?
 And then right as soon as you engage with him, he's there.
 He's up to that energy and then just goes right back in a chill mode.
 It was, it was the coolest thing.
 Circular is released their newest watch, which they're calling the dive sport.
 This is a titanium dive watch.
 It's a 42 millimeter titanium dive watch.
 Tell me more.
 You say, okay, I will do it now.
 I was initially struck by this watch that it looked like something else I knew.
 I think what this resembles to me is the RZE endeavor or like, Hellson, those hard
 bitey angles.
 That's right.
 But it doesn't quite.
 It's there.
 But it's not quite.
 It is a titanium watch.
 It does have these bitey angles.
 With that said, the execution on this is terrific.
 So what you've got is a grade two titanium movement, a titanium case and bracelet and
 a steel problem or a, I don't know, whatever, an SW 200 movement, whatever that's made out
 It's only got one dial color at this point, which is yellow.
 I'm okay with it.
 You've got these big, like I'm going to call them Final Fantasy sword hands.
 That's exactly what they are.
 500 meters of water resistance.
 So it's a little bit of a thick bitch.
 And the thing that I found about the rest, I've not touched this watch, but the thing
 I found about the rest of circulars watch, watches in New York was that they were all
 just tip to tail really, really, really well done.
 I'm sure this one's no different.
 I love this watch.
 I think if you're in the market and this aesthetic appeals to you, this is almost certainly for
 a thousand dollars, almost exactly a thousand nineteen for a thousand bucks.
 You're not going to be able to beat this watch in terms of execution.
 That's a prediction, but I feel good about it.
 I could, I have, I have one immediate complaint that is just kind of how I feel about watches.
 A twenty to eighteen taper on a bracelet is not enough.
 Oh, yeah.
 Well, maybe on a dive watch, but generally, yes, I agree with you.
 I get on a dive watch why it's a twenty to eighteen, but it's not enough taper for me.
 I want a twenty to sixteen.
 You're right.
 Technically speaking, I don't need a dive extension or any kind of extension on my clasp.
 I get that, but you'd like one.
 I want one.
 I want, I want the option to have like a fat day.
 I want one.
 It kind of bugs me a little bit that those aren't here, but barring that, I mean that
 the bracelet is going to be light as a feather because titanium, which is really the reason
 I want a twenty to sixteen taper is because in steel, twenty to eighteen is just a chunk
 of a bracelet.
 Twenty to eighteen titanium is going to have a really different feel.
 So maybe that'll be a little bit different of a sensation.
 But I want you to skim me a dive extension.
 It exists.
 It's not reinventing anything.
 So as I'm looking here, I read somewhere that there was just yellow dial, but as I'm
 looking, there's actually a sort of a jade, green dial, a silver dial and a black dial.
 It's only released since the recording button got pushed two extra color ways.
 Sorry for that mistake, but there are several dial colors.
 It's a really good looking watch.
 I've been kind of like dipping my toes in the market of a dive watch, like a nice dive
 watch. This gives me some additional things to think about.
 So you can actually get this with a hardened titanium bezel, a black DLC titanium or a
 petrol aluminum bezel.
 And you can.
 What is that?
 Oh, you can mix and match dial colors and bezel colors.
 So if you want, you can get the silver with the black.
 You can get the black with the gold.
 Get in on that now because brands aren't going to.
 He's not going to want to keep doing that.
 Doing like one builds.
 Yeah, that's right.
 Delivered time, two to five working days, thousand bucks available now, grade two titanium,
 500 meters of water resistance thousand bucks.
 Oh, that green.
 Oh, the chapter ring on that green.
 Yeah, terrific, right?
 Oh, goodness me.
 So it's kind of a cross-hatched kind of meteoritey looking green with some like.
 It's petrol.
 It's petrol Andrew.
 Fuck off with like interesting distressing at the hour markers to get almost.
 It's like rough edge in interior circle and the minute track is yellow with full breaks
 for the five minute increments.
 So it's just this minute track that of yellow and white kind of intermittently breaking.
 That is beautiful.
 Again, I doubt very seriously there's anything in the range that competes with this watch
 for a thousand dollar titanium.
 I bet that this thing's hands and shoulders above.
 Also no shoulders.
 What'd I say?
 Hands, hands.
 13 and a half millimeter stick, which is big.
 And when you look at the watch, it looks like it's a bulky watch, but no booty on this
 It's going to grist and sit right there.
 And it's going to be super light, which I think a lot of the reason that people don't like
 chunky watches is because they're so heavy.
 You know, like you put it in a victim and you get an arm workout on just that arm.
 But because it's titanium, it's not going to weigh, but like, I mean, it'll weigh what
 any smaller dive watch weighs less even.
 This, the page is not translated to English.
 This is in German still.
 Well, it did translate to English for me.
 Andrew, do you have any other watches you want to talk to talk about today?
 As it happens, I do not.
 In that case, other things.
 What do you got?
 I have another thing.
 I mean, something I've had for some time and I was actually kind of surprised that I'd
 never talked about it.
 So I in my previous house had a magnetic strip on my wall, like because that was where my
 prep surface was.
 I had a galley style kitchen.
 I had my counter space against a wall.
 I didn't have a counter to cabinet backsplash.
 I just had like three inches of backsplash.
 And so I got a magnetic kitchen strip to hang my knives because I like hanging my knives.
 Yeah, they're not getting dull in the drawer.
 Yeah, they're not getting like banged up and shipped in the drawers.
 Like, I know some people, everyone has a different thing that works for them for storing their
 knives or that maybe doesn't work for them, that they just tolerate.
 I keep mine in the dryer.
 Yeah, because that way it's also a fabric softener.
 That's right.
 I really like that like stonewashed finish.
 Yeah, that's smart.
 And they don't get wet, so you don't have rust issues.
 You don't have to be oiling any of your high carbon blades.
 It's great.
 Actually, it's a really good method.
 I know you keep your knives in a drawer and it horrifies me every time because you just
 have this like drawer of death.
 No, we have a they're in a rack and drawer.
 You still have a drawer of death.
 I mean, your kids are old enough that they don't, but like I still have those tiny like
 periscope fingers in my house.
 No, I don't have that.
 That's just, you know, like forks are dangerous.
 So anyway, I got to my new house.
 I needed to get something that I could put on the counter because my prep surface was
 now no longer against a wall.
 I don't like traditional knife blocks because I can't see the blade shape and I have a
 lot of like similar knife handles and I don't like having to play the like search.
 I know exactly where all my knives are.
 I don't actually have to search for it, but I like, I don't like having to look for it.
 I also have some irregular shaped blades.
 So it was just kind of a, I was like, okay, what do I do?
 I don't want to get one of those weird like not silicone.
 Yeah, those like silicone fingers like brush blocks that you shut it down into.
 So I went on the hunt and I was like, Oh, this is a mag block.
 And what I went with was a wooden stand.
 So it's in the shape of a T with a wooden base and then a vertical wooden plank with
 a magnet built in the inside that I put my knives up against the magnet holds.
 It's got I've got, I don't know, 12 ish knives on it.
 And it is terrific.
 I love this because it's free, free standing so I can kind of push it around the counter.
 I can move it if I need counter space.
 It sucks up against my, like my, I have a stepped bar island in my kitchen.
 So it stacks nicely against it.
 It doesn't tip.
 It's never never tipped over.
 And many a heavy things have been thrown at it by both of my kids.
 I've never had a knife fall off of it.
 It doesn't offer so much resistance that you like have to two hand remove things.
 It's a really easy grab.
 This is great.
 If you're not satisfied with how you are storing your knives or if you're storing them in
 a drawer, heaven forbid, or if maybe you're just looking for a change.
 This is the one I'll link the one that I have.
 There are hundreds of options out there.
 I got the cheap one because it was kind of a flyer.
 I'm like, Hey, let's see how I like it.
 I'm the next one because this one's getting kind of a nice patina to it.
 I probably I need to pull everything off of it, give it a little sand in a re ceiling
 because some of it's like water damage.
 But it's like got a nice it's just aging really nicely, which is surprising because I paid
 like 40 bucks for it and aesthetically pleasant.
 Yeah, I need to see my knife block.
 It's a great love it knife block.
 Yeah, I love this thing and it keeps on my eyes.
 And accessible and visible so I can I know exactly which blade I'm grabbing.
 Love it.
 Yeah, that's my other thing and drop again.
 Another thing not interested.
 My oldest daughter, Betty came to me about a month ago and said, dad, I need a pencil
 case from school.
 To which I pulled my glasses off my face, clasped my hands and said, young lady, you've come
 to the right place.
 If you are a longtime listener of the show, you know, I am a sucker for storage solutions.
 You are you have probably had more.
 No, books, number one, TV media, multi media, number one, yeah, storage solutions, number
 two, I think that's right.
 I am a sucker for storage solutions.
 So I went on the hunt for a cool.
 You didn't get the same one that you have interesting high quality pencil case.
 And I see why I found a pencil case that is both.
 These two things don't often go together.
 It is both highly recommended by pen and pencil nerds and incredibly affordable and available
 on Amazon.
 There's a Japanese company.
 I believe it's called Lee hit.
 I don't know if I'm pronouncing that wrong.
 Maybe light it.
 Let it.
 There is a company called Lee hit L a l l I H I T.
 Yeah, heat that has a ton of pen addict pen people.
 He hit lab credit Lee hit lab.
 And these things are available on Amazon.
 I bought both a compact.
 Pen case they have the Lee hit lab compact pen case as well as a slightly bigger pen case.
 And I thought the pencil case is the one I got.
 So both a pencil case and the compact pencil case.
 These things come.
 They're man Japan.
 These things come Japan and they are absolutely terrific materials are great.
 Organization is great.
 I was kind of blown away by how good these things so the wide open would be a really
 good like travel hygiene kit.
 That's right.
 You could use all those pouches.
 You don't have to use these things for pens or pencils although you certainly can.
 The compact is a little bit short.
 Not so with the full size pencil case.
 It's a good one watch travel pouch though.
 You could certainly store watches in these.
 The book type pencil case.
 I think I paid 20 bucks for these which I bought a fly.
 I wasn't intending to get myself anything and then I saw this and I was like oh man.
 This is great.
 It's got a flap in the middle that folds double sided.
 You've got zipper pouches.
 You've got little slip things in it pouch.
 You put a thumb drives on it in it.
 You can put pens pencils all your shit if you were like I don't know.
 There is no shortage of hobbies or things you might want to carry that this thing would
 work for.
 The quality is absolutely incredible.
 The zippers, the stitching.
 Are they like YKK like heavy zippers?
 I don't know if they're YKK.
 I don't believe they are but it's some sort of Japanese alternative.
 The quality is phenomenal.
 I got this thing and I'm like I spent 32 bucks, 33 bucks on two pencil cases.
 Not everybody needs a pencil case.
 If you got a briefcase, get a pencil case.
 If you have a bag that you carry regularly.
 That's right.
 If you are carrying around stuff for work, get a pencil case because the amount of things
 you can, so now I have at this point too much storage, too many storage solutions.
 I have to like rotate my storage solutions but I was blown away by how good these things
 If these things were 50 bucks, I would not feel bad about paying that for it.
 They're 12.
 $20 for the bigger, $12 for the smaller.
 The bigger the wide open?
 Yeah, the bookcase, the book.
 Oh, I just have the compact and the wide open.
 Oh yeah.
 But the wide open looks like a perfect toiletry pouch.
 Yeah, it's got like, what do you call that dial of opening?
 Top open?
 Yeah, whatever.
 I was blown away.
 The whole entire, so they actually have a store on Amazon.
 That's kind of a new thing, right?
 But they've got a store on Amazon.
 I'm guessing all their products are phenomenal but they've got like notebooks, random pouches,
 Like this company's kind of rad.
 Understand bookstand.
 That's right.
 Pencil cases in the shape of a cat.
 Wonder where the, you remember those like slime tube things?
 That's kind of what it reminds me of.
 I did that.
 It's like the precursor to.
 They've got this.
 Some other things.
 Like table purse hanger thing that is incredibly compelling.
 I got a, the first time I saw one of those was when I was working on a bar.
 It was because we had purse racks like under the bar, like at your knees, like kind of
 a weird place.
 And this lady like bellies up, throws her purse off of her shoulder, pulls out her rack.
 Like I'm talking the German guy with the hand burn Indiana Jones, like pulls out her little
 wire rack kind of does the weird locking assembly, puts it over the edge, hangs her purse and
 I was like, honey, we're gonna, we're gonna be here a while, aren't we?
 She was a pro.
 Those are cool.
 You know, most, most establishments have a place for you to hang your purse safely in
 front of you now, but that's a nice thing to have for.
 Yeah, totally.
 If I carried a purse, I would also carry one of those in my purse.
 It felt to me like something that would be useful at an airport or a restaurant or a bar
 or sure.
 Any number of weird places where you get stuck waiting.
 Like if you're someone who commutes or works remotely and finds yourself at like you could
 use something like this.
 Anyway, I tell lobbies totally stunned by the quality of these pencil cases, especially
 at the price.
 Japanese made, Japanese made.
 Is it made in America?
 No, they're Japanese made.
 Japanese made shit tends to be expensive.
 These were not and the fact that they're available on Amazon kind of blew my mind.
 Like oftentimes you have to find like a specialty store.
 You got to go to a broker or Ali or JetPens or something.
 You know, these you just go to Amazon.
 Would you buy through a broker?
 I bought, well, I bought a Fortis.
 No, no, no, I bought a couple different things through a broker.
 One of those was like a device.
 Oh, it was your G-Shock.
 I bought a G-Shock and I also bought a device for making a normal stereo work in my Lexus.
 That was the one I recall you using the broker for.
 Which is really scary because didn't know what the product was, didn't know if it would
 work, didn't know anything about the process, got a package completely in Japanese, took
 it to the stereo store, they looked at me sideways and they're like, all right, we'll
 see in six hours and then I came back and it was a working stereo.
 It was fantastic.
 One of the greatest things that's ever happened in America.
 That's what we'll say.
 Andrew, anything else you want to add before we go today?
 I'm out of things, man.
 Hey, guys.
 Thank you for joining us for this episode of 40 and 20, The WatchClicker podcast.
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