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My Omega Speedmaster will not always be mine. You could argue that any watch you currently own will not always be yours. However, my Speedmaster was given to me with the intent that I would one day give it away. It was a gift from my wife on our wedding day. She knew that I wanted this watch, not only as a great watch to own, but as an heirloom piece. Even if I do not have a son or daughter to give it to, this Speedmaster will be passed on to someone special to me. I’ve touched on the fact that I do not have any heirloom pieces in my collection as none of the men in my life were “watch guys.”  I want to change that for the generation that directly follows me.

This Speedmaster is also an experience that has been shared with others since I received it.  Because it was a wedding gift, I opened the watch and looked at it for the first time in front of my closest friends and family.  There were a few in the room that seemed to be just as excited as I was.  One of my groomsmen spoke about his Father’s Speedmaster.  Moments like this are why watches hold such a special place in my heart.  There are few items in the world that can connect people so quickly.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional and some of the items Omega includes in the box
The Omega Speedmaster Professional and some of the items Omega included in the “big” presentation box

Getting it Right

It has been said many times that Omega got 42mm about as right as you can in terms of its fit.  Those people aren’t wrong.  The Omega Speedmaster’s 42mm case with its twisting lugs find a way to conform to your wrist effortlessly.  Combined with the hesalite crystal and immaculate finishing, the Speedmaster looks like a piece of liquid metal on your wrist.  For the first couple weeks I owned mine, it never left my wrist.  Every time I looked at it, I found a new detail I hadn’t seen before and was always blown away by the finishing.  The combination of polished and brushed surfaces blended seamlessly together to reflect the light in many ways.

The thin tachymeter bezel allows the dial some extra room to breathe.  This allows the subdials to have the room they need to maintain extreme readability.  The matte black dial paired with bright white hands and markers allow you to either read the time or chronograph quickly and easily.  Small details that present themselves on further inspection are also present on the dial.  The subdials are slightly sunken in and the outside of the main dial slopes downward toward the bezel.  Details like these are what set the Speedmaster apart from other watches.  What seems simple on first glance becomes intricate and obvious the closer you look.

A wrist shot of the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Omega nailed the dimensions on this watch
A wrist shot of the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Omega nailed the dimensions

A Lack of Technology

I won’t get into the history of the Speedmaster, there are plenty of sources on the subject already.  However, what you should know if you are not familiar, is that the Speedmaster has remained largely the same for over 60 years.  This lack of change includes the movement and basic mechanics of the watch.  Where modern Omega’s have co-axial escapements and chronometer certifications, the Speedmaster has 60 year old technology.  It is an odd value proposition from Omega, but many, myself included still lust after this watch.  With that said, it is easy to see why so many want this watch today.  As of this writing, vintage watches are all the rage.  A new Omega Speedmaster gives you all the charm of vintage with none of the risk.

There have been countless articles and reviews written about the Omega Speedmaster.  Many of these most likely influenced my decision to want one in my collection.  The joy of owning one far outweighed my expectation.  I’ve had more conversations with non-watch people about this watch than any other in my collection.  It has a presence to it and a history that even if unaware, makes people feel nostalgia for it.  It is the only watch in my collection that is shared with others without them ever wearing it.  One day this watch will be passed on to the next generation.  My memories with this watch will travel with it.  Perhaps that is the magic of the Speedmaster; that the memories of all those who have worn one travel with all Speedmasters.

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