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New Watch Alert! How the Watch Community Loves New Watches

Posting on Instagram or another social media outlet with a “new watch alert” will make you feel good. The reason why isn’t the watch itself, but how your fellow watch lovers treat you. While I am fairly new to the online watch community, the one thing I have learned quickly is that they love being happy for others.  People tend to post a lot of their new acquisitions online.  Whether it be a new car or a house, you want to let your friends know you got something new and you’re proud of it.  Getting something new along those lines is cool and all, but you haven’t seen an outpouring of affection like when someone gets a new watch.

I recently got a new watch, an Omega Seamaster.  I was ecstatic about getting it.  Everything from the wood box to watching the seconds hand start for the first time.  When you do get a new watch and you post it on Instagram or Facebook, that is when you are in for a real treat.  Your new watch will be welcomed by your fellow watch friends as if it was a new child in your family.  Some reading this may see this as a bit narcissistic, but your watch friends sure don’t!

New Watch Alert! How the Watch Community Loves New Watches 1

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I can’t quite place my finger on the reason why others get so excited over a new watch another person got.  But, it is awesome!  The short story that usually accompanies a “new watch alert” is generally what gets everyone so excited.  Some have been saving for years, waiting for the right example to come along, or it was just an impulse purchase.  Regardless of the reason, the watch community comes out in force with a show of happiness.  It’s as if they got to take part in the purchase with you.

Small things like this make me honored to be a member of such a wonderful community.  If you haven’t experienced this for yourself, give it a try the next time you get a new watch.  You’re going to find that it makes the memory even better.

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