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Omega MoonSwatch: Doing What Rolex Would Never Dream of? 

Did Omega do something Rolex would never dream of?

To say the launch of the Omega MoonSwatch broke the internet would be hyperbole. Did it ruffle the feathers of the watch community? Sure. But why? The most obvious reason is that it makes a Speedmaster affordable. Once it was revealed that these watches were not limited and anyone would be able to get one at some point, it came to me that this is one of the most interesting watch releases I’ve ever seen. And that, is certainly not hyperbole.  


If you’re unaware, Omega is owned by the Swatch Group, which is what made this collaboration possible. Although, I am not sure collaboration is the right word, it is the operative word. Two brands under the same house made a watch together and blew everyone’s minds. The variations of the MoonSwatch represent the greatest hits of our Solar System, spanning from the Sun to Pluto (which I’m happy to see included). These are fun, affordable, and unique Speedmaster variations for almost any person to enjoy.  

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That’s great, Will, but what is with your clickbait title? I believe that the MoonSwatch represents a transformative shift in the way Omega is thinking that 99.9% of other luxury watch brands are thinking about. Inclusivity. I’ve seen the memes joking that the Speedmaster Moonwatch has lost value because of these, and nothing is further from the truth. Someone walking into an Omega AD to buy a Speedmaster is not going to demand a discount because this watch exists. They are two separate entities and will be treated as such.  

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The MoonSwatch creates an inclusive environment for anyone interested in watches to get a taste of bigger picture. That’s what Swatch watches have been about since the beginning and bringing the Speedmaster into that mix perfect. Imagine getting your teenager a MoonSwatch in their favorite color for graduating high school or one for your spouse as an anniversary gift. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch that most people cannot afford. The MoonSwatch costs as much as a fashion watch from Macy’s and is 11 times cooler.  

In a world where the price of a Rolex Submariner has gone from slightly unattainable for most people to completely unattainable even if you have the money, the MoonSwatch is bringing a popular watch to about anyone. Rolex is currently banking on the fact that their watches are so in demand that people will still be trying to buy them for the next 50 years. Maybe they are right, but I have a feeling that what Omega is doing with the MoonSwatch is thinking about longevity in a smart way. I also can’t see Rolex releasing a quartz version of anything in 2022, let alone a Submariner.  

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I’m not publishing this to bash Rolex or their watches, but to bring attention to how ridiculous their current sales model is and how absolutely wonderful it is to see a brand like Omega bring a cool watch to the masses. Hell, I want to buy one just because of that fact. I’m also making the comparison to Rolex because you, yes you, reading this probably did at some point. I hope that what Omega is doing with the MoonSwatch makes its way to other big Swiss brands because I see nothing but good here.  

My only gripe with the MoonSwatch? It wasn’t called the SolarSwatch. 

All images courtesy of Swatch

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