Mozsly Classic Watch Winder Review

Watch winders provide so many benefits in the overall mechanical health of your watch – yet so many opt for stationary organizations such as watch boxes because you can store multiple pieces for a fraction of the cost of larger brand-name winders. Although style and choice are not lacking in either category of watch storage accessories for your home, Mozsly has aimed to bridge the gap between form, function, and accessibility in all of their products – specifically their watch winders which start at $90 USD.

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Mozsly has aptly named this specific winder (photographed throughout this article) as ‘Classic’ to describe the combination of the screwed-in brushed steel front plate alongside flanking wood grain painted body panels on the top, bottom, and sides. This combination of materials and relatively unobtrusive size (4.4″L x 6″W x 4.4″H) embodies a classic aesthetic that can blend in well with almost any décor style while making your timepiece pop – like a thoughtfully planned canvas. One of the details that allow the winder to achieve this effect is the twist-off acrylic lid and blacked-out interior casing where your watch sits.

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Aesthetics aside, Mozsly also designs its winders to be as functional as possible. With three drive settings and four rotation options, there are a total of twelve operational combinations that cater to the winding needs of most watches. On top of that, there are three ways to power the winder through the interface found in the rear of the unit: the first two are through the AC in and out ports, where you can simply plug the winder into the wall, or if you have multiple units, you can string them together with the supplied connectors with the use of only one power supply. 2x AA batteries can also power the winder if you have a specific spot in your home that is not accessible by an outlet or want a clean wireless look.

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One thing I appreciate from Mozsly is that each winder has two pillow inserts for varying wrist sizes: one sturdy rectangular pillow and a squared-off oval foam pillow. This is so that different-sized bracelets can fit comfortably in the winder without flopping or bouncing around when the watch is being wound. Mozsly even offers alternate color options on the site if they need replacing or if you feel extra jazzy.

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As we all know, in the watch world, design includes the elements we cannot see – and that is true with accessories. Mozsly winders take their functionality and usability to another level by providing antimagnetic properties in their winders and utilizing quiet motors to make the winder blend in with its surroundings and become a part of your décor without standing out for all the wrong reasons. No one likes a loud, whiny motor. I have owned a winder from another brand for years, and I did not realize how loud it was compared to the Mozsly. In my experience (along with anything in the watch world), you don’t know what you have until you put it side by side with a comparable piece, accessory, etc. On top of all that, Mozsly also advertises that their winders are ‘Purely Handmade’ – which you can feel in the light yet sturdy construction of the winder itself, as well as in the painted wood grains, brushing, and other finishing details found all over the winder.


Mozsly has found an interesting gap in the watch winder landscape which many of us probably have ignored due to the current watch winder market. An affordable, well-made, and functional winder that looks good while doing its job. The combination of aesthetics, functionality, and cost make Mozsly a fantastic choice for collectors looking to implement winders in their repertoire of watch accessories.

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Along with the ‘Classic’ winder highlighted, Mozsly offers an array of material, color, and style choices in their portfolio winders – they even have Double Winders with similar design languages that include the same features as their single winders. There is a winder for everyone and their personality on their site.

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Mozsly is a young company, so the sky is the limit as to where they will go as a brand. Still, I would love to see them perfect their current lineup further before expanding it, adding more materials and colors, and bettering their product where they see fit. That said, I have not found an issue or have had any complaints about my winder, and I highly recommend checking them out!

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