Interview with Cameron from Nodus Watches

An interview with Nodus’ new staff member, Cameron

Watch companies are always bringing new people on board to their staff.  Like any other business, the need to replace people that have left or new staff to fuel expansion are needs that will always be present. With that said, microbrands don’t often bring on new people to their staff.

Often run by sole proprietors or a small staff, running lean is the name of the game for microbrands. When Nodus Watches, one of our oldest friends at The Watch Clicker, hired from within the watch community we took notice. We sat down for a quick conversation with their newest member, Cameron, to see what he was bringing to the table.


Tell us about yourself

I’m just a guy who enjoys the little things in life. The right click of a bezel. Hitting the sweet spot on a pitching wedge and hearing the perfect “clack“ sound. That one pen then just writes so perfectly. The oiled action of a bolt action rifle. The one jacket that fits you so perfectly and you can’t explain why. That insert whatever that just puts a smile on your face every time. The pure joy of a baby laughing. Cutting into a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak with a nicely sharpened knife.


What was your first watch (or first memorable watch)?

I had a few watches as a kid, none I really remember. But the one that I started to actually wear regularly was a quartz Invicta dive chronograph. It had a silver wave dial, black painted bezel, and black checkered center-links. I wore it in High school and on and off through college. My dad gave it to me because he couldn’t read it. It had silver hands and silver markers on a textured silver dial. If you dig deep enough in my IG you may be able to find it!

What got you into watch collecting?

I’m not sure I can call myself a collector. It’s more of a haphazard gathering of watches. There isn’t really a theme. Just stuff I liked and could afford (read: just barely squeeze by till next paycheck).


I think what really kicked it off was when I bought my SRP775 turtle, and started getting more into the watch community on Instagram. I’ve only fallen deeper and deeper into this wonderful rabbit hole.


What is your grail watch? What do you like about it?

Currently, a birth year 14270. Every time I try one on I fall in love all over again and want to run away with it. It’s just so perfect for my wrist. I love the simplicity and versatility. No nonsense. No fluff. Just watch. What more could you want?

How did you get involved with Nodus?

Shortly after they released their first model, the Trieste (which Wes denies they ever made to this day) I became enamored with it. I sent the post around to all my friends and I remember sending it to Kaz at Two Broke Watch Snobs, saying how cool and different it was. Unique hands, assembled and regulated in Los Angeles, and they didn’t launch it with a Kickstarter like every other micro did at the time. To me that really made them stand out from the crowd. To me it signaled integrity. That they believed in what they were doing, and weren’t dependent on crowd-funding. They put their money where their mouths were. I respected that.


I ended up messaging Wes about something or other, probably about how much I loved their watch, and we kept on talking and talking. Eventually I bought a Trieste from a friend. Wes and I continued to talk, and at this point I hadn’t spent a single dollar with them. The sheer fact that I felt like I’d become friends with Wes and I’m just a random dude taking up his time meant a lot. I ended up purchasing a Retrospect Obsidian/Steel, and eventually formed a small group chat with a couple other insiders (you can probably guess who).

From this Wes would occasionally ask the group for suggestions or opinions on certain designs. We were their initial sounding board. That eventually turned into Wes asking one of the other members and I to help guide the design for a field watch, since that isn’t Wes’ or Cullen’s forté. This project would eventually turn into the Sector family.

How did this opportunity come about?

During the Sector project, I helped man the Nodus booth, first at WindUp San Francisco 2019, then again at WindUp NYC later that year. I think they just got tired of telling people I was just helping out and figured it’d be easier to make me an official part of the team!


What specifically about Nodus is a draw to you?

What initially drew me to the brand was that they seemed to respect themselves and really put the effort into their watches. They weren’t happy with the quality of the first prototypes that were assembled in China, so they did it themselves, to their own standards. They put their heart and soul into each and every watch.

The Nodus Fam isn’t like any other group I’ve experienced. I think it’s largely a group that shares certain values of integrity, financial value, build construction, and of course beer, whiskey, and good food! That’s really what holds us all together.


What will you be doing day to day working for them?

Helping out on Instagram, responding to messages, comments, and story posts. Also managing press communication, and tracking watches sent out for reviews.

Where would you like to see Nodus in 5 years?

With 2ish more employees, and a consistent supply. We’re nearing that point with our supply chain. The limiting factor is sheer human bandwidth. Cullen wrangles a lot of the manufacturing, and the lion’s share of assembly.

Do you want to have a career in the watch world or is this more of a side hustle?

I envision it as a side gig/passion project. Perhaps if I lived closer to LA and could help out more directly with assembly and allow Wes & Cullen to focus on development.


Not many watch brands hire from their fan base. What do you think opened that door for you?

Years of slowly seducing Wes into somehow trusting me… or just my amazing personality. Really could be either one.

I think that by offering advice and design input unselfishly and honestly my opinion somehow became valued.

Any feelings about the transition from free-agent admirer/supporter, to employee?

I feel like I may need to regulate what I post on my personal account some, not in terms of brands per se, but more of my “shitposting” in my stories. Wes assured me there’s no need, and they hired me for who I am and don’t want me to change. That’s why these guys are the best.


Besides Nodus, what is your favorite watch brand?

One thing that changed a lot for me in the last few years has been the opportunity to meet the various brand owners. I’ve become fairly unimpressed with a lot of the products available, but getting to know the brand owners and hearing their stories makes me want the watches they produce. A few that come to mind would be Lorier, Dryden Watch Co, Collins, MkII, Vero, and Raven.

You’re a member of team plexi. Tell us more about that.

Plexi crystals are dope. Need I say more?

Fewer, softer reflections, more depth, more warmth to the dial, and better lume due to higher light transmittance (still waiting for Isaac @ikemadethis to scientifically verify this). Only downside is you have to polish a few scuffs out every now and then.


Anything else you’d like us to know?

Take a break, enjoy the little things, and don’t take everything so seriously. They’re just watches. Be here for the people, that’s where the gold is.

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Be sure to check out the Nodus website & also Cameron’s Instagram.

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