WindUp Watch Fair 2022 Recap

It’s been three years since I attended a WindUp Watch Fair. Little did I know that Covid would slam the brakes on so many in-person events a few months after my last appearance. Watch Clicker has developed significantly since the previous show I was at, and WindUp has also grown. 

WindUp is now held at the Altman building, and compared to the previous venue (Chelsea market), it felt like an entirely new show. Vast amounts of natural light stream in through the large front windows, and the huge floor plan allowed some room to stretch my arms when taking wrist shots. 


It was terrific to catch up with friends, brand owners, and other watch enthusiasts I hadn’t seen in years or had never met. However, the highlight was meeting Andrew, Everett, and Frank. Despite working with them for years, we’d never shook hands. We were so caught up in the show, meeting each other, and sharing our thoughts that we forgot to take a group photo, which is somewhat ironic for a photography-focused website. 

I saw more watches in one day than I may have seen in my entire life (ok, maybe a little bit of hyperbole there), but a few stood out to me. 



Mike has been our resident Formex expert and reviewed their watches for the site, so I had never seen one in person. It was wonderful to catch up with the brand and learn more about their watches (and try them on, of course). The Reef GMT blew me away with how comfortable it was and how easy the bezel change mechanism was. One thing that stood out to me was how you could change from a 48-click GMT bezel to a 120-click dive bezel in about 5 seconds. Because the “teeth” for the clicks are on the bezel, it allows for this versatility. 



It’s not a secret that we are big fans of Nodus, so I was excited to stop by their booth and catch up with Wes and Cullen. They also had what I believe to be the first non-Seiko watch using the new Seiko 4R34 GMT movement. The Sector GMT captures the skindiver aesthetic of the line and brings in a fixed bezel with an under-the-radar GMT complication. 


Furlan Marri

There is a lot of hype around Furlan Marri. Their quartz chronographs sell out in seconds, so I was interested to see what all this hype was about. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful their watches are in person. I spent more time looking at the black dial Sector three-hander than any other watch at the show. They brought a loupe so you could inspect the finishing, and it was flawless. I can’t think of many other brands that have perfect hand finishing as they do. Well done.


So Labs

So Labs is dropping an automatic version of the Layer, and they didn’t just try to stick an automatic movement in the plastic case. The case has been entirely redesigned and is now stainless steel. The DLC variant was the one that caught my eye with its Miami Vice color scheme. If you loved the Layer but wanted a little more substance to the watch, this is the one for you.



Much like Furlan Marri, I wanted to see what made Fears a fan-favorite. The 1930 is a marvel to look at; everything about it exudes beauty and superb engineering. From the curved case to the Tank-like styling, this is a watch that should be on your radar. 


Everyone Else

I’d be writing this article for the next year if I covered every watch that impressed me. We’re in a time with watches where the brands know the quality expected by the community and are trying to raise that bar even further. Derivative watches were almost nowhere to be found at the show, and although it sounds cliche, there was something there for everyone. From those who love pink dials to those who want a watch built to get run over by a car, it was there.

Thank you to all the brands, people, and enthusiasts I talked to at the show. It was lovely to be back in person at a watch show and connect with people who share our love of watches. And, an even more special thank you to Worn & Wound for organizing a fantastic watch fair. I’m so glad you all are in this industry and putting your love into it. I’m already excited about WindUp 2023 and hope to see you there.

Enjoy the rest of my photos from the show, and shoot me a message if there are any watches you want to discuss. 

Get more info on WindUp and future watch fairs here

Photos from the Show

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  1. Will! Great roundup! I agree with the sentiment that some of these more hypey pieces are easy to disregard, because the beauty doesn’t come through in photos (even well taken ones!). Getting to actually see so many watches is really eye opening.

    So good to finally shake your hand and share a beer (or five). Can’t wait to do it again.


    Your son, Everett

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