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In the 163rd episode of 40 and 20, The Watch Clicker Podcast, we do our annual – all other things, all the time – Christmas Lists. Look, we know that watch people are hard to shop for. Watch people buy stuff year-round, we meticulously research and buy exactly the thing we want. It’s annoying. So here is our list of things that you just can’t go wrong with. As a reminder, these aren’t affiliate links, just a jumping off point for stuff we’d like and assume you would too. 

A new watch box

A desk clock or alarm clock. An option from Marathon here.

A great print from Art of Horology. Available here.

A leather desk mat. Here’s an idea from an Etsy shop.  

A Crown and Buckle Supreme Nato Matte available here.

A real fancy screwdriver set here. Or a less expensive cousin here.

Foam inserts, or the whole thing, for Pelican cases from Nalpak.

Other Things: 

Andrew: Justin’s work boots here.

Everett: The journey of buying on a Japanese auction site through a broker. Check it out here.


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