Nodus Sector DEEP Review

Taking the Sector series to new depths

The latest launch from Nodus was announced today, and we have the full hands-on review for you today. The all-new Nodus Sector DEEP. These will be available for the public on March 3rd at 9:00a.m PST for $575.

The DEEP is another automatic dive watch built off the Sector family of watches. The DEEP shares the 39mm case of the other Sector variants (Dive, Sport, Pilot, and Field). A dual 60-minute and 12hr bezel have been paired with the case to bring the overall diameter to 42mm. The thickness has been increased from 12.5mm to 13.6mm to push the water resistance to 500m. For the first time, the DLC bezel is fully lumed as well. Other changes from previous sector series watches are the blasted case and bracelet, and the clasp has been upgraded to the NODEX expansion clasp. OH, and this is a Left Hand Drive. The crown has been placed on the left-hand side of the case.


I received this watch about two weeks ago and have been putting it through its paces. Daily I have worked out with the DEEP, logging about 30 miles of running and 10,000ft of elevation snowboarding.

On the Wrist

I am no lefty and did, for a bit, try to wear the DEEP on my right hand. The awkwardness never faded, so I wore the LHD on my left wrist. Having no crown to dig into your wrist is incredible. I wonder why more watches, significantly larger sports watches, are not LHD. Despite the increased overall diameter, the DEEP is considerably more comfortable than the smaller Pilot with the typical crown location. The bracelet is a blasted version of the Nodus H-Link that the Avalon II uses. These bracelets are highly comfortable, but a watch like this is best when paired with a NATO strap. The switch is easy enough because the DEEP’s bracelet comes with quick-release spring bards.


The above-ribbed NATO was my favorite by far. On NATO, the watch is light. The DLC bezel is a weight reduction when compared to a steel bezel. Both add to my brain’s illusion that this is a Titanium case. It’s not. At $575, that wouldn’t be an option. Although it’s taboo (cry about it), I also tried out the DEEP with one of Nodus’s leather straps and was not disappointed.


The case of these Sectors is so versatile with their short lug-lug-lug. Everyone I have had is a strap monster.


Nodus Sector DEEP Specs

Case Width




Case Thickness


Lug Width






Water Resistance







Super-LumiNova BGW9


Seiko NH35



Dial Details

When you look at the dial of the DEEP, it doesn’t take a sleuth to detect the influence from the most famous LHD diver, the Tudor Pelagos. Like the Pelagos, the DEEP is insanely legible, easily the most legible watch in their collection. The large, broad hands contrast against the black dial for easy reading.


The finishing is on par with other Nodus we have reviewed on the site and holds up against my macro lens. The raised induced against the recessed outer ring also beckons to the design language used on the Pelagos.


The indices and hands are generously filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova BW9 Grade A. This is a powerful blue, glowing lume that met my high expectations.


Even more impressive is how good the lume on the DLC bezel is. Fully lumed bezels are an excellent idea in theory, but many times the execution needs to be improved. Here, the lume matches the dial and hands well and keeps pace in strength and duration.


Case, Bracelet, and Movement

As mentioned, the DEEP shares the same case as the rest of the Sector series watches. The lugs curve down dramatically to hug the wrist and make for comfortable wear. The bezel overhang is the most significant departure from its siblings. In the image above, the bezel almost looks like an Orea cookie.


(Sector Pilot on the bottom, DEEP on top)

To achieve increased water resistance, the thickness has also been increased. The added thickness comes via the case back.


The DEEP caseback is predominantly the same as the Pilot caseback on the right. However, should a fifth circle be added? The four circles represent the four Sector watches Sport, Field, Pilot, and Dive. Now that there is a Sector DEEP, I was surprised not to see any change to the case back design.


At the clasp, you will find a NODEX expansion clasp. The “PUSH” engraved on the Avalon II release has been replaced with a NODEX logo on the button. These allow for 10.5mm of extension by pushing the button and pulling on the bracelet.


This is not enough length to get over a standard wetsuit, but it is more than enough for the daily swelling of your wrist. Using the extension is intuitive and easy to adjust to a specific length. I love to see Nodus starting to build out components like this expansion clasp for use more than just their pro spec’d diver. As they continue to improve their extension clasp, I would like to see them add some length and refine the connection from the clasp to the bracelet. The bracelet is not the same width as the clasp when fully extended. This does not pose any problem for use but could look aesthetically more cohesive if they refined it further.


The bezel on the DEEP is easily the best on a sub $1,000 watch I have had. The grip you can have due to the 2mm overhang is unmatched by any watch, regardless of price point.


Final Thoughts

The DEEP has jumped to my favorite Nodus diver, if not my ideal microbrand diver. The bezel is best in class. Water resistance is overkill, ridiculously legible, and glows like a torch in the dark. The watch is big and small with its undersized case diameter and massive bezel overhang. The left-hand crown ensures it will be the most comfortable 42mm watch you’ve ever tried. So is the DEEP perfect? I would like to see Nodus improve in a couple of areas. One is the clasp we talked about earlier. The second is primarily personal preference, though. I would like the bezel to drop the 12hrs and go to a larger font for the 60min timer.


I say this as someone who does not live in the time zone I work in and has more GMT/Travel watches than I can count. The DEEP is the ultimate no-frills Nodus dive watch. Whoever wears this doesn’t care about tracking another time zone; they want to go diving! I did use the 12hr bezel to track another timezone constantly, so maybe Nodus knows what they are doing. The DEEP exceeded my expectations and squashed any concerns I had. The bezel lume is fantastic, and the overhang doesn’t negatively overpower the slight case. For $575, the watch is value pickup and an easy sell.

If you want to learn more about the DEEP, check out the Nodus Site. For more Nodus reviews, check out our other reviews on their watches. The watch will be live for purchase this Friday, but I do not anticipate them having stock for a long time.

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More Images of the Nodus Sector DEEP

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