First Look: Peren Hintz

First look at the revival of Transylvanian watchmaking

Peren Watches, a Swiss-based Transylvanian brand, is back with its fourth watch: The Hintz. This is by far their best-looking watch, but that may be down to my tastes. Their previous watches have been in turn generic, excessive, and chunky, but the handwound Hintz seems to bring a bit of moderation to the brand while still offering solid design—including a decidedly fang-like logo.


While the round case brings no frills or tassels to the party, the red-orange-beige color scheme offers something fittingly Old World. Of real note, though, is the Hintz’ running indicator. Instead of the traditional subseconds featured on most other watches that use the ETA/Unitas 6498 movement, the watch features a sectioned disc that rotates while floating above the dial. The disc is a representation of the “Andusite Sun” sundial at the ruins of the ancient Dacian capital of Sarmizegetusa Regia in Transylvania (you know the one).


The Hintz clocks in at 42.5mm, which is not unreasonable but is on the larger side for watches of the same look. But that’s the Achilles’ heel of the Unitas 6498: originally a small pocket watch movement, it makes for larger wristwatches. Certainly, the sub-12mm thickness will aid the watch in sittiing well on the wrist.


If you like the look, the Peren Hintz is available now on Kickstarter, starting at about $524, while retail will be around $830. The campaign page has loads of pics and details, and we’ll soon have a hands-on review right here on the site, so keep your eyes peeled.


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