Arcus Tropos Video Review

Big leaps and innovations are things that don’t often happen in the microbrand watch world. The barriers to entry and costs are often too high for it TO happen. The Arcus Tropos is one of the first watches in a long time that is bringing some truly cool innovations to a chronograph and keeping it affordable. Not to mention, this is the brand’s first watch. The Tropos is a monopusher chronograph that is utilizing a Seagull ST-19 movement that has been modified by the brand to give it the monopusher. What a way to make an entrance.

Changes being made to production models of the Tropos:

1) A swan neck regulator will be added to the movement

2) The bracelets will have 3 micro adjusts

3) Endlinks being reworked to match the case finishing

4) The blued column wheel won’t be present

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  1. Great review, Will! I’m on the wait list but diameter dimension is a concern. It looks to wear about perfect on you. What size is your wrist? How is the lume in low light? Looks to be a nice piece at the price point. Well done, Arcus.

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