40&20 Podcast with Special Guest: Watch Clicker

If you are familiar with watch podcasts and have not yet listened to the 40&20 podcast, now is a great time to listen in. Will aka Watch Clicker was a special guest on this week’s show. Andrew & Everett (the hosts of the show) spoke with Will about what it is like to be a watch reviewer. They also discussed watch photography, watches we love and more.

Show Notes

In this 79th episode, we sit down with Will, the Watch Clicker, to talk about the life of a watch review, from a professional. we talk about Will’s story, his process, and, of course, how he takes all those damn fine pitchers.

Along the way we talk about our current video game habits, some good reading, and, as usual, some television to dig on. Enjoy!

check out the Watch Clicker website here: https://watchclicker.com

And on instagram: @watchclicker

Check 40 and 20 out on instagram: @40and20

You can support 40 and 20 here: http://patreon.com/40and20

Intro/Outro Music:

Bummin on Tremelo, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetch.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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