Podcast – Audio Review of Seiko SRPE55

Show Notes

In this Audio Review, Will and Everett talk about their thoughts on the latest watch-forum/insta darling, the new Seiko Five Sports models, now with 100% less dive bezel (aka, “DressKX”). This watch is just starting to make the rounds, but has sold out at various retailers. At the time this is being published several models are available at Long Island Watch for $275 USD.

The written review of this watch has performed extremely well on the website (link below), but we thought we might something special for you audio-only folks. Enjoy!

Buy the New Seiko Five Sports: www.longislandwatch.com/Seiko_SRPE55_…_p/srpe55.htm

Watchclicker’s Written Review of the SRPE55: watchclicker.com/2020/06/18/seiko-5-srpe55/

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