Watch Clicker and 40&20 X Nick Mankey Designs Hook Straps

Our first ever strap with the Watch Clicker and 40&20 logos are here

One thing we always said we would never do would be launch a NATO strap that simply has our name thrown on the buckle. It’s a lazy way to support a watch website and our fans deserve better. When it came to looking for our first collaboration, we wanted to work with someone we trust, understands our brand, and has a product that we believe in. Nick Mankey Design’s Hook Straps are exactly that.

Will, Everett, and Andrew all have purchased multiple Hook Straps from Nick Mankey Designs and they are Will’s favorite nylon/fabric strap. We are extremely excited to announce that we have collaborated with Nick to design a limited run of Hook Straps for our fans. Will is not a fan of limited quantity editions and would prefer the watch industry released limited editions based on time, rather than quantity. We’re going to set that example here. These straps will be available to anyone who orders them over the next 2 weeks. As long as you place an order before June 25th, you will get one.

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The Watch Clicker/40&20 X Nick Mankey Hook Straps will be offered in 20 and 22mm widths.

The strap colors available are blue, orange, gray, and black with either orange or blue contrast stitching (depending on strap color). You can select either logo to go on any color strap.

Nick Mankey Design Hook straps are designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes and we are offering them in 3 sizes to ensure a great fit. They will be available in small (5.5-6.5″ wrists), medium (6.5-7.5″ wrists), and large (7.5-8.5″ wrists). To customize your strap, select your size, lug width, logo, and strap color. All purchases will be handled through Nick Mankey’s website. 

If you purchase two or more straps with both logos (one logo on each strap), apply coupon code WC4020 at checkout to get 10% off.


The proceeds from these straps will directly benefit the Watch Clicker website and the 40&20 Podcast. This will allow us to upgrade gear, produce more content, and tons of other good stuff. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Click here to check out the ordering page

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