RZE Resolute Review

RZE’s debut piece offers big bang for your buck.

This review completes our hands-on with the entire RZE collection–oddly, we end with brand’s first piece, the RZE Resolute. The brand has by this point established itself with a clear design language: titanium, angles, and textured dials. And it works: The Endeavour diver and the new Valour chronograph both implement these elements to great effect, and I enjoyed both models.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I’d like the debut model. When I first got the Resolute in the mail, I was a bit underwhelmed. I got it at the same time I got the Valour chronograph, and that watch has a lot more going on and really blew me away. Next to it, the Resolute seemed rather humdrum. That obviously wasn’t fair, comparing these two very different watches with two very different purposes. No, I needed to give the Resolute it’s due, and when I finally had, I was able to appreciate it.

On the Wrist


Right up front, the RZE Resolute would be my last pick from the brand’s lineup. That’s totally down to my own tastes. I find the other two models more engaging, and I think having this on canvas held it back a bit. But the colorful, ultra-legible dial, the trademark RZE design, and ease one the wrist make it an objectively good watch.


Easy on the wrist, like I said.


Interestingly, RZE describes this as a field watch. It’s missing the classic features of a field watch, namely 24-hour markings on the dial. More accurately I’d call it a sport watch, which is an admittedly vague category where you can group anything that is too rugged to be a dress watch but lacks the defining features of any other watch type. As you can see above, I’m using it for the sport of Lug Measuring, which is slated to debut at the 2047 Olympics.

Dial Details


I know the section header says “Dial Details,” but when I had the enlightened idea to put my Casio Calculator strap on the Resolute, my mind damn near exploded. This combination literally changed my entire view of this watch from mediocre to winner. If you’re wondering, yes, there is a name for this: StrapNirvana™. This photo also shows the dial nicely, with its textured gradient and excellent legibility.


I’m going to be honest (again): this dial isn’t really ideal for macros. Up close its bumpy and lumpy, like a cirrhotic liver. Hopefully, though, you don’t look at your watch through a loupe, because when enjoyed a bit farther away, as part of the entire watch, the dial texture is quite nice.


As I’ve railed about before, shitty date executions are a pet peeve of mine, so to see one that so intentionally integrates the watch’s design is a breath of fresh air. Regarding the dial texture combined with the blue-black gradient, I’m on the fence, but I find myself preferring a sunburst finish that follows the color shift. Such an elegant dial finish would be a bit out of place on rugged watch like this, though. So here we are.


The lume on every RZE model has always impressed me. At this pricepoint, lume usually gets sacrificed to safe money. Maybe RZE just knows how to do it cheaper without that sacrifice. Maybe they use sorcery and incantations. In any case, the dual color lume on the RZE Resolute is killer–super bright and even.

Case and Strap


Angles, angles, angles. It’s the RZE schtick and it works. Add to the their Ultra-Hex coating that makes the titanium even more durable than usual, and you’ve got one helluva rugged watch.


It’s a great crown. Big but proportional, easy to grip, clear stops on the date and time setting. Can’t ask for much more. And the flat crystal with the subtle bevel keeps the silhouette modern. A screwdown caseback has limited decorationg (check the gallery below for a picture, if you must).


The RZE Resolute comes standard with a canvas strap, which is fine. It’s a canvas strap, starts kinda stiff, end sup ok after a bit of break-in. I’ve had worse. And for an extra $109, you can get a titanium bracelet, which is well worth it. It goes with plenty of other straps, too. Of course, you can do what I did and put your Casio Calculator strap on it and melt your mind. Your call.


Final Thoughts

If you like the RZE Resolute, buy it. You won’t regret it. Given the price, I’d suggest you get it on bracelet, because if a bracelet is available, you should always buy it. As for the watch, there’s not much to dislike.

RZE makes three watches and they’re all good. I’m not sure what their next project will be, but I do know I’m excited for it.

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RZE Resolute Specs

Case Width





Lug Width




Water Resistance

Super-LumiNova C3 & BGW9


Seiko NH35A


*Height of the watch from the wrist to the top of the crystal

More Images of the RZE Resolute

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