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Axia Kairos II Review

A sports watch in more ways than one

Watch brands are created for just about any reason under the sun. Aside from the obvious reason of making money, one of the top reasons you are likely to find is that the owner wanted to create a watch they couldn’t get anywhere else. In the case of Axia Watches, founder John Kanaras wanted to re-create a watch he received as a college athlete. 

In the 1980s (already not a great time for watches), John’s team won the Ivy League Championship and went to the Final Four. The school gave the team commemorative watches to celebrate the season. While this watch carried heaps of sentimental value for John, the overall style and execution left heaps to be desired. After decades of trying to right this wrong, John gave up the search for a watch with his alma mater on the dial and went with the “if you want something done right, do it yourself” approach. Axia Time was born. 

Axia’s primary goal is to create watches for Universities and other clients who may want a custom watch that isn’t just a Timex with a custom strap. The Kairos II is the platform Axia uses for the watches customized for the college, player, or foundation. Let’s jump in and check out the Kairos II and one of the customized watches Axia created for the Georgia Bulldogs and their incredible College Football Championship history. 

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On the Wrist

The Kairos II comes in at 41mm wide, 47mm lug-to-lug, and 12.3mm thick. The overall styling and the dimensions of the Kairos II immediately remind me of the Omega Aqua Terra. It has presence without taking over your wrist, and the dial is clean while bringing depth and dimension. Also, considering the wrists the custom watches are meant for, the 41mm diameter makes perfect sense. If you’re a 250-pound linebacker, you don’t want a 37mm watch on your 8-inch wrist. If Axia set out to create a case size to fit a variety of athlete-sized wrists, they nailed it. The Kairos II is a sports watch in more ways than one.

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My wrists are definitely not athlete-sized at 6.75″ (17cm), but I found the Kairos II to be comfortable. The lugs have a decent enough turndown that gives the hefty bracelet (22mm lug width) room to hug your wrist. The watch has an approachable size for any wrist 6.5″ and up, and if you’ve tried something like the Aqua Terra I’ve mentioned above and liked the fit, you’ll be happy here.

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It should be noted that Axia also offers a 36mm watch that is often customized along with watches like the Georgia Bulldogs Championship watch we have here, but it is an entirely different watch within their catalog. 

Axia Kairos II Specs

Case Width




Case Thickness




Lug Width




Water Resistance



Bracelet, Rubber Strap, and NATO




Super-LumiNova X1


Sellita SW-200



Dial & Case Design

The elements used by Kairos II for custom designs are primarily the branding areas at 6 and 12 o’clock and the dial pattern. The branding text is usually replaced with the college or foundation the watch supports, along with their logo as a pattern on the central area of the dial. There are also a few other elements that are changed on some of the customized watches I checked out, but for the most part, those are the primary customization areas. It’s a smart way to set up the foundations of the watch for customization. 

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Comparing the Kairos II to the Georgia Bulldogs watch, the case is the same, but the dial has been completely changed. The branding areas are obvious, but I loved how “Go Dawgs” was incorporated into the central part of the dial. It’s subtle enough almost to be mistaken for a pattern that isn’t made up of words but does stand out if the light hits it the right way. 

The Kairos II is finished extremely well. The polished bezel complements the polished chamfer on the lugs and the applied markers on the dial. Brushed case sides keep the watch sporty, while the lyre-esque lugs remind me even more of the Omega Aqua Terra I keep mentioning. 

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A big part of the reason I keep mentioning the Aqua Terra is because the Kairos II does draw some design inspiration from that watch. However, this certainly isn’t a homage. The design aesthetic and overall execution fit in perfectly with the reason John created Axia in the first place. If you can imagine yourself as a college athlete who is being given a watch to commemorate a championship or award, this is a watch that is going to make you smile when you open the box. Looking at the Georgia Championship watch, the logos and themes from the Bulldogs football team are carried over in a highly tasteful way. This watch could easily fly under the radar as a traditional watch but still serve as a fantastic talking point for the wearer. 

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Classic City Collective

In the case of the customized Georgia Bulldogs watch we have been looking at alongside the Kairos II, it should be noted that you don’t have to be a Georgia football player to own this watch. Axia has partnered with the Classic City Collective to create these watches and offer them for general sale. They carry a premium over the price of the Kairos II, but the proceeds directly benefit the UGA student athletes. Coach Kirby Smart also signed the boxes, and if you’re a Bulldogs fan, you know exactly who that is. For everyone else, that is the Bulldogs head coach who has led the team to two consecutive College Football Championships. 

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Georgia will be playing one of their main rivals, Ole Miss, this Saturday (at the time of this writing), so if you’re a Dawgs fan, don’t miss out. 

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Final Thoughts

Axia likely isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when you think of a well-made microbrand watch. That is because so much of their business is directed squarely at their custom designs. With that said, the Kairos II offers a solid value proposition. Sellita SW200s (Elabore grade in the Axia) are becoming rarer in microbrand watches, and at only $649, this is close to the pricing structure we were all used to a few years ago. If you’re looking for something that can fully satisfy your sports watch craving or are a die-hard college sports fan, Axia has you covered.

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  1. Axia so underrated. I have a Sophia II and it’s stellar. Great review and photos. Excited for this release.

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